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News: March 2011

Updates on plans and activity for The Tribe


The Tribe released on DVD in Australia by ABC!

The Tribe, series 1, is released by ABC from March 3rd 2011 and has some great special features on it. You can order the DVD box set
or pop into your nearest ABC Store to check it out!

Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) on ABC3 and in Australia!
For friends and fans in Australia, Dwayne will be on ABC3 on March 18th and for those in Melbourne or Sydney,
check out the link and how you can have a chance to meet Dwayne!. Note you have to be signed in to Facebook to watch the video message!

We have had a message from Ray asking us to provide some updates on the following:

Preliminary work has started on the relaunch of the website and will continue. We will advise on a timeline when the website is to go live. But please be patient as we hope that all the work will be completed by April.

The team just need to get some new designs signed off and be fully briefed by Ray, who is very much a “retro” man and has expressed some concern about potentially losing the heritage website and all the archived material. So a lot of discussion and thought and work is being put into this and with all the other activity happening, we are just trying to ensure that all is scheduled and that one area is not neglected in favour of the other area.

The Tribe Novels/Books

A substantial workload concerns members of the team (and the TTO team are involved in this) going over archived contracts and licensing with various publishers. In paralllel to this, head office has been in touch with various publishers about potentially reissuing some of the old titles along with the new titles. And with the state of the publishing world with the digital domain now being so active (such as Kindle and ebooks, etc) all this data needs to be presented to get signed off and the best way to make the novels available.

What we do know is that as far as new novels are concerned – there should be information anytime now regarding the release (subject to contracts being signed, which should occur in the next few days) which means that the first novel could be available for Facebook page members as a preview towards the end of April or beginning of May (before being officially available to any other consumer).

In addition to this, the first draft manuscript of another novel (with a working title Keeping The Dream Alive) has been completed and the author will be doing a second draft throughout March and potentially a third draft in April, which means that subject to printing schedules, that this novel could be available towards the end of May or the beginning of June.

So these two novels as we announced will definitely be available this year.

Ray has been considering (as a result of an idea from one of our fans – Amanda Jack actually) that he might write a kind of behind the scenes book and provide some very exclusive and never before seen graphics such as draft costume and make up designs along with set designs.

All on the team really think that they should do this because it would be a wonderful collector’s edition jammed full of just so many interesting pieces of trivia and information which would appeal to Tribe fans. For example, we discovered the other day quite by accident the true meaning of Abe Messiah (in Ray’s mind he has all the mythology of The Tribe fully mapped out as the series was swirling around his head for many years – way back to the actual time he was trying to change the world himself as a young man. And even this morning when we were enquiring about what the first and last scene of the series was (in response to an enquiry from a fan), we discovered that in episode 1 of series 1 and the first shot of the car driving through suburbs – that this actually occurred just outside of Ray’s home in New Zealand and the Trudy/Bray parent scene was even filmed in his house!).

So there is a lot of very interesting material ranging from what the Tribal markings really mean to inside information during the making of the series to even other elements of what really happened re The New Tomorrow as well as series 6. If you think this would be of interest then you might like to signify by clicking like here on Facebook and we can report back to Ray to try and persuade him to put pen to paper and bring it all together (he is very busy on the screenplay but the team think it would be really wonderful if this collector’s edition could be actioned, in which case it could be available towards September or even for December at the very latest).

Regarding The Tribe music

There are so many publishers involved and various licensing agreements but we know that HQ are dealing with all this and making arrangements so that music will be available to download via iTunes. We just have a notional timeline at present but hope that the first material will be available towards the end of March/beginning of April. Tracks will include some favourite pieces of music from the soundtracks and even never before heard mixes and tracks along with potentially some new material yet to be recorded (Ray is discussing with his associate, Simon May, and is also considering going back into the studio to remix some tracks and lay down some new tracks). There are hundreds of hours of music available within the Cloud 9 catalogue and you can be assured that this material will be available on an ongoing basis. But we are just in the process of getting everything structured and sorted.

Other “things” in the pipeline

Such as expanded Tribal universe and canon type of stories so that the writers can structure stories and more importantly back stories exploring areas which could never be explored in a television series format (for example more about the Guardian and Chosen and the relationships of all the characters… the flashback episodes in the series touched on some of this but the expanded universe novels would be a terrific forum to reveal a lot of unanswered questions as well as providing some exciting new storyline material). Ray is scheduling a commentary version of the first episode which will also be available.

Ray is scheduling a commentary version of the first episode which will also be available. So overall please be patient as there is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes in addition to us trying to upload trailers and arrange cast chats. Considering the page has only been in existence for over a month we all hope that you are enjoying this facility and with each passing month then all the activity should build and grow so that The Tribe itself expands into some very exciting areas. As always we are grateful for your wonderful support which we know means not only a great deal to the entire team.

So stay stuned for more news about plans to bring The Tribe to the big and small screens, and some fantastic books which will be released in the near future. And don’t forget to visit The Tribe’s Official Facebook page! Dwayne Cameron (BRAY) and Danny James (ZOOT) have recently appeared for some cast interviews on the officiql The Tribe Facebook page and there are some more interviews planned for the future so join now the Tribe of Tribe fans at Facebook!

Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment, makers of The Tribe, have also recently started an official channel on YouTube, where lots of special behind the scenes clips, many of which have never been revealed to the public, will be posted, you can visit The Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group’s YouTube Channel here

Matt Robinson’s band “Last Picture Show” new music release!

New tracks and an EP are available from Matt Robinson (SLADE) and his band Last Picture Show. The new EP “Breaking the Cages” is released on 14th March and preceding the EP release, the lead track “Break in the clouds” is available as a free download at Last FM. You can listen to some of the great tracks and check out the band at


Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…