Pretribe: Secrets

Over the last few ‘pre tribes’ we have taken a look at the many mysteries surrounding the Tribe – from Pandorax, the virus, the President’s broadcast, and more! This week we take a look at the mystery and history surrounding siblings and some of the happenings in Tribe series 4.

What would you do if you found out that there was a major catastrophe about to hit planet earth and wipe out most of civilisation? If you knew that a giant asteroid was heading straight towards the planet or that aliens were going to invade?

If you had inside information that there was going to be a major earthquake about to rumble the very core of the earth or that a virus was about to be released?

If you knew that something was going to happen, would you keep it a secret or would you let the world know?

Would you accept the responsibility of hundreds of thousands of people dying if you had kept it a secret? Or would you take the responsibility of the mass panic that would hit the public if you were to let the world know?

There were some adults who knew a secret in the pre-tribe world. A big secret. They were developing a virus called Pandorax. This virus would ultimately be responsible for changing history and the very nature of life as we know it. It would be responsible for killing all the adults in the world. Every single one.


Somehow, news of the virus leaked out eventually and more and more adults were made aware of it. Whether or not mass panic ensued is unknown. However, it is very likely that it happened because that is human nature ~ the fight or flight syndrome.

Adults might have tried to escape the virus by heading in tothe countryside or in to the mountains. Some adults might have owned private boats and could have tried to escape on the water. Others might have built bunkers to keep them well away from the deadly germs.

People might have prepared for the imminent disintegration of the family and the deaths of the older members of the family by just spending quality time with each other. Adults might also have taught their children survival tactics.

The antidote that was being developed might have been in such a small quantity initially that children nd teenagers were given it so that the human race would carry on in some shape and form.

What would have happened to the different Royal Families around the world? Or to the Presidents, Prime Ministers and other such important people?

Did they take the antidote or hide themselves away in underground bunkers? And what about the rock stars and actors who would presumably have the money or power to buy their way to safety?

It seems that once news of the virus had spread, most of the adults tried to stockpile and destroy dangerous weapons so that their children would not have that to worry about that type of danger once the virus hit.


Some families might have hidden away food and clothing, money and medicine for life after the virus struck. Members of the various tribes who survived the virus might well find these stockpiles of food and medical supplies one day … if they exist.

Perhaps some adults are still alive having escaped from the virus and are about to reappear?
Perhaps some important political members are about to come back on the scene and take over?
Perhaps life in Tribeworld will never be the same again?


What would you do? Keep a secret or tell the world?
Become a warrior like Bray and Amber or a mad control freak like Zoot and the Guardian?