Raymond Thompson (Tribe Executive Producer) Facebook Chat Transcript

Raymond ThompsonWithout Raymond Thompson, The Tribe would not exist – and it was a privilege to have the force behind the Tribe take time out from writing The Tribe movie screenplay to interact with fans of The Tribe during the Online 2011 Tribal Gathering, here are the answers we saved from the session.

How did Raymond get the idea for The Tribe?  What was it like being Executive Producer (as well as CEO of Cloud 9) and bringing the idea ‘alive’ through The Tribe television series?  What are the plans for the Tribe in the future?

Answers to this and more are below!

As well as working on The Tribe movie development, Raymond has also written a behind the scenes book which explores the making of The Tribe, a fascinating insight into the series on and off-screen, and the entertainment industry.  Fans of The Tribe everywhere – as well as budding moviemakers and writers take note! 🙂  A must read.

Due to there being too many questions and not enough time, Raymond took some time after the Gathering to go back and answer all the questions on The Tribe’s Official Facebook page.

Thanks to Raymond for attending – and for bringing us The Tribe! – and to all the fans who joined in on the day, and who continue to keep the dream alive…

Q Hello Ray, glad to have you here

^ Thanks Sabrina!

Q Hi Ray, thank you so much for being so dedicated to your fans

^ Thank you for your dedication as well, Trina

Q Thanx for doing this Ray! I really want to know.. was Dwayne right in remembering that the antidote was really applejuice? cause the only thing that I know in that colour is Mountain Dew

^ yes it was applejuice

Q Hello Ray! You are a genius. ‘Nuff said.

^ I can’t think of myself that way but appreciate the sentiment. I think Tribe fans are the ones who are very special and their feedback means so much ;0)

Q Hi ray would you ever make another series’s if the opportunity Rose? X

^ Hi Jessica, answer is YES! 🙂

Q Hi Ray thank you for being here 🙂 Is there ever chance of a series 6?x

^ Hi Kathryn, The Tribe was rested for a number of reasons. Never that the end was stamped upon it. And I see no reason why it can’t ever continue as a television series. We just have to convince broadcasters which I will always try and do.

Q Hi Ray! Way back at the start of The Tribe did you ever expect it to stretch on for 5 series ?

^ I hoped it would and had storylines in my head to fuel it almost forever given that it’s about building a new and better world

Q Are you still filming shows etc Ray? Thanks 🙂

^ Hi Oscar, I am on the verge of putting together another movie, The Cowboy and The Dancer, which is a ♥ project meaning something that means a lot to me. We all tend to develop 5 projects at the same time

Q Ray only one question . How do you explain the phenomenon of The Tribe

^ Hi Sabrina – It’s all down to the fans and whatever we have been able to do emotionally connecting to the audience. But perhaps we share the common aspiration and concern of the world we all inhabit

Q Ray, what’s on your plate right now as far as new projects go? What can we as Tribe fans check out in order to support what you do? 🙂

^ Hi Anne. Keep the dream alive and I will ensure that you are all kept up to date with all news. Thank you for the support which means a great deal 🙂

Q Which is your favourite character in the tribe?

^ Abe Messiah, simply because of the hope and joy and purity of a new born baby child. That baby can keep the dream alive.

Q how far in advance did you plan the techno invasion and the mallrats leaving the city ?

^ Hi George – Three years in advance in story terms. In overview rather than detail

Q Hi ray! who do you think tribemaster is??

^ I don’t want to act as a spoiler so maybe I shouldn’t answer that, Caitlin. I have my suspicions. But I am not Tribemaster as some might think. But I do know who it is…

Q hi ray how can you make it in show making

^ Hi Jack – follow your dream and have faith in yourself in whatever you do in your life. You’ll never find contentment anywhere else, It is within yourself. And if you live your life trying to be what anyone experts you to be, you’ll never be free. So accept yourself and do whatever you want to do.

Q Raymond, how long did it take to film series 1 of the tribe? 🙂

^ Hi Oscar – Three months pre-production, Six months in production, Six months post-production (some in parallel)

Q Can you tell us, why it’s always full moon in liberty!?? 😉

^ The editors used to always say that the fans will notice. You might notice that same full moon in lots of our other shows. It’s down to budgets 🙂

Q I think it was amazing that you got onto the subject of abortion in the tribe everything you could think of was in the tribe for the younger generation it was fanastic being able to do that, in a way in which fans could understand 🙂 x

^ Hi Kathryn. I wanted to accurately portray the world that young people inhabit – indeed us all – without sanitising issues and pretending they don’t exist.

Q Ray, I just wonder if you know the books e. g. Gone by Michael Grant?

^ No I don’t, Sabrina. And I know there are several dystopian novels in existence

Q Hello Raymond, how are you? Did u saw my message in the discussion thread? Back then you lived in Australia but i understand you’re back in NZ again? For Good? I don’t really have quetions but just wanted to let you know that i’m enjoying this Tribal Gathering. Have a nice day today.

^ Sarifa hi, thank you and we are all enjoying hanging out with you guys, our Tribal brothers and sisters around the world

Q this chat is so informative Ray would you ever considering doing a tribe podcast

^ Hi George, thanks. If the fans would like me to then I’d certainly be more than happy to do this. It’s very difficult to answer some of these questions in brief form because the themes and topics are profound.

Q What has this show meant to you? What has been the best thing from it?

^ Hi Tania – The best thing from it is to have the support, dedication and loyalty of the fans and to know somehow that all the collective efforts of the C9 team as well as myself have touched their lives in such a special way. It means so much and I m constantly humbled by it.

Q If you had been in the city would you have eaten the Brand 9 beans? They always looked tasty to me! Lol

^ I lived on Cloud 9 beans at our Take 9 Studio cafe. True. I love beans on toast!

Q HII rayy U DA MANNNN SON!!!!!!!

^ Thanks Boom! ;0)

The Tribe (Official) ​@ Kathryn – Nice to see you on here Kathryn. I enjoyed our chat with Caleb June 26 at 12:36pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Natalie – Glad you could make it as well ;0) June 26 at 12:36pm · Like

Q Hi Ray! How did the idea of the tribe come to you? It is such an honor to be able to talk to you! 🙂

^ it is an honour to talk to you as well, the idea came when I was about 18 that it would be cool to have a world with no adults and young people changing the world

Q Thank you so much for mentioning the conventions on your video and on Tribe world! It really helps to bring attention to our work!

^ great you guys are doing conventions.

Q Is there still a chance for a 6th season?

^ Always a chance. June 26 at 12:39pm · Like

Q my questions are all on the Discussion board, but Amanda has a point. would you ever let fans Write/work for you?

^ lot of fans (such as Kelly) have done this Canol and there is no reason at all any fans can’t work professionally

Q Hi Ray glad your here! how are you? whats the hardest part about writing a screen play? and/or a book?

^ hardest part is to start

Q What about the movie?

^ it’s in development now June 26 at 12:43pm · Like · 1 person

Q Hi Ray, One thing that bothered me about the series is that a lot of people go missing off screen. Cloe, patsy, paul, ryan. just to name a few. why is that?

^ Mostly schooling and so we had to make provision and a story reason for some of the characters to go missing

Q Hi Ray, do you use experiences in your life to source ideas for writing? Are there any particular parts of the tribe you’re really proud of?

^ yes, all experiences in life help writing and am proud of all the parts of The Tribe

Q how come you did not want DWAYNE CAMERON in the show any more

^ I always wanted Dwayne in the show but sometimes we had to give him time away to do stuff like schooling

Q wanna say thankyou ray for the whole tribe experience, you helped a lot of us overcome a load of issues we had growing as teens and made us feel as if we belonged with your characters. Although i doubt there will be a tribe season 6 due to the age of the original characters, can you push some tv station to start to reshow all of the seasons again. Its not the same just watching it on dvd lol xxx

^ thank you – there is always a Tribe series – 10 years after. Yes, we’re always trying to re-show the original seasons. June 26 at 12:47pm · Like

Q OMG! Ray you are amazing, I have ordered my book and I am so happy that you said yes about the fans. I am so happy I havent been blocked yet, I have been trying to stay calm with post so I could attend your chat! YOU ROCK RAY!

^ you rock as well Amanda and are responsible for the book coming into existence ♥

The Tribe (Official) ​@Glenn – thanks for that and we’ll all know what happened next, certainly in the books and maybe someday in a sequel like 10 years on. But that is a decision for the broadcasters.

June 26 at 12:48pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Svenja – I loved them all. June 26 at 12:49pm · Like

Q when the technos had the game and they were red and blues beating each other up, was it a way of showing racism?

^ interesting point about the Technos and the Game but no, it wasn’t a conscious way to explore racism June 26 at 12:49pm · Like · 1 person

The Tribe (Official) ​@Jessica – say hi to your nephew ♥ June 26 at 12:50pm · Like

Q How do you feel, about the amount of time and money several fans have dedicated to keep running Tribal Fan Forums after the original Tribeworld BB went quiet?

^ I don’t understand your point about the Tribe BB going quiet. This was passed over to the fans and it is not up to me how they spend their time and money, they can choose to run forums if they want. Don’t understand what you’re getting at to be honest?

Q Hi Ray! Did you ever base any of the characters on the show from people you knew?

^ I think all writers base characters on people they have observed even if some elements are to do with aspects of themselves

Q Hi Ray, had you planned on reuniteing Lex and tai-san in season 6? They were my fave tribe couple…

^ had always thought that Lex and Tai San were ideally suited ♥

Q Hi Ray, can you please tell us more about your wine production? What varietals do you grow? I am extremely interested to know more. I completed a huge project in University on New Zealand wine history and production for my Wine and Spirit concentration. Didn’t you have vineyards in Australia also after you moved there a few years ago? Marlborough is actually my favorite NZ wine region. 🙂

^ I love wine and have always been interested in it. The spirituality. The terroir. The elemental of living with the earth, which connects the mind, body, spirit and soul. I have interests in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling but like in the movie Sideways, have pursued the perfect Pinot Noir and was very proud that our varietal won Championship Pinot Noir of NZ

Q you are a absolute genius!!

^ Bless you but I don’t think of myself in that way June 26 at 12:55pm · Like

Q hello ray how are you today?i doint really have a question but i would just like to say one thing: THANK YOU FOR CREATING THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD 🙂 ♥

^ Thank you

The Tribe (Official) ​@Melanie – chase your dream. June 26 at 12:55pm · Like · 1 person

The Tribe (Official) ​^^ That’s all that matters June 26 at 12:56pm · Like

Q Hello Ray! It’s so great to have you here chatting with us! Is there a character on the tribe that reminds of you? Or do you feel like there is a character that you feel really close to? I would love to see the Tribe back on tv here in Finland, and I have sended some emails about it to different channels…

^ Greetings to all our Finnish friends. I relate to Bray and Zoot in some ways.

Q Hey Ray just like to say thanks for the tribe and all the other great shows. I’m actually having a william tell marathon been watching for about 4 hours now and before that watch the whole of enid blyton secret series thanks so much for sending them,

Which character did you relate to the most And who were you most like when you where younger? Thanks

^ thanks Adam, glad you were enjoying the series. Bray and Zoot remind me of when I was young – with a bit of Lex

Q Ray how far planned out was the show and did the show change at all from where you originally wanted it you are one of my heros btw

^ you are one of my heroes as well (I am humbled by the fans support) ♥

Q I have this question for a long time now, i hope you can answer this for me. Why did the role of Zandra ended so early? Myself and many others whised to have seen more of her and the development of her character.

^ this was due to educational constraints. Zandra was fantastic and Amy a very gifted actress.

Q What would you have to say about The New Tommorow

^ I am very proud of TNT

Q Hi Ray! I’m so glad I’m awake for your chat.What did it feel like on the last day of shooting the Tribe? Thank you.

^ always very exhausting and especially knowing that it wasn’t the end because pre- production would start on another show

Q You were able to do so much in the Tribe series but, looking back, are there things you wish you’d been able to do? Maybe with a bigger production budget or more time?

^ Good question – there was lots I would have loved to have done with a bigger production budget

Q If you were given the chance for season 6, 7, 8, etc… where would the series have ended? What did you seen happening?

^ can’t go into it all now but all will be revealed in the novel

Q Are you still in contact with so me of the cast members???

^ yes, they are all friends and the crew and cast have become almost like a family

The Tribe (Official) ​@Matthew – traveling and really setting out to chase dreams becoming a writer (I also liked Japanese cinema such as the Seventh Samurai which explored the code of bushido)

June 26 at 1:02pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Jack – bacon and eggs June 26 at 1:02pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Donna Marie – agree – Mall Rats Rule! ;0) June 26 at 1:02pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Heather – thank you for all you have done as well June 26 at 1:03pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Rebecca – yes, I have thought about that a lot re. a grown-up Bray and Brady June 26 at 1:03pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Tiera – I always hoped and am truly humbled by the reaction June 26 at 1:04pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Gina – no, it was all planned in the scripts re. the characters being taken by the Technos June 26 at 1:04pm · Like

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Hello Tribeworld!… 30/06/11 4:09 PM

The Tribe (Official) ​@Jeffrey – yes, I still have the Red Dragon award. I am glad the speech touched you. June 26 at 1:05pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Mira – good night! June 26 at 1:05pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Kyle – initially because my younger brother died unexpectedly and I needed time out but eventually the economics including the advent of reality programming and investors not receiving an adequate return due to other platforms showing the series for free. But it could all change with more shows . But it’s hard cranking it all up. Nothing’s impossible, it never is

June 26 at 1:07pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Vanessa – lots of big ideas and am enjoying working on the screenplay June 26 at 1:08pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Ann – thank you Ann ;0) June 26 at 1:08pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Sabine – glad you enjoy the Foundation and the information. Don’t know if anyone would give seminars or courses in Europe though I am proud of the charity and how it is touching people as those with a special need to require support and nourishment and above all, understanding from society. There is room for us all June 26 at 1:09pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Tania – The series emotionally connected I think with the fans June 26 at 1:09pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Rebecca – Glad you’ve enjoyed the series – all the characters swirled around my emotions and subconscious June 26 at 1:10pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Caroline – I hope it will be translated into Swedish but I will certainly arrange for it to be recorded as an audio book – I suffer from a bit of dyslexia as well June 26 at 1:11pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Melissa – yes, I had in mind always to bring Amber back and to explore a Tribe linked to the natural world such as the Ecos June 26 at 1:11pm · Like ·

1 person

The Tribe (Official) ​@Sara Lou – Glad you saw the various dimensions in the characters June 26 at 1:12pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Sabine – yes, poor Bob, we miss him ;0( ♥ June 26 at 1:12pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Erin – we’d love to explore all these characters through back stories in the novels (any idea where Pride’s name came from – why did he call himself Pride, etc.) June 26 at 1:13pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Svenja – yes, I hope they will eventually be out in Germany June 26 at 1:13pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Nina – yes, I totally agree – wish the broadcasters would also see it at times June 26 at 1:13pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Wendy – I am fascinated with Trudy as the evil Supreme Mother but also loved her angst ridden conflicts and insecurities June 26 at 1:14pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Nayla – the words Keep the Dream Alive remind me of my late mother because she (and my Dad) encouraged me to keep my dream alive and I’m still doing that in my later years. You as a young person make sure you do the same June 26 at 1:15pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Donna Marie – I think you are right about the fans being the real Tribemasters! June 26 at 1:16pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Sabine – The year of Tribe revival fell due to in part my needing to take some time out because of the unexpected death of my younger brother but also the advent of reality television meaning less slots for drama and more especially an ex…

See More June 26 at 1:25pm · Like

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Hello Tribeworld!… 30/06/11 4:09 PM

The Tribe (Official) ​@Cassandra – initially in the shop at tribeworld.com but eventually in normal retail shops and especially in digital publishing platforms June 26 at 1:26pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Brett – ;0) I think that fire in the bin is STILL burning (whispers – it’s due to us using some of our own stock footage because we had a limited budget) June 26 at 1:26pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Oscar – I think it was probably myself being the hardest person to work with. I’m a bit of a perfectionist ;0/ June 26 at 1:27pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Tania – the best thing is to see how it has touched everyone June 26 at 1:27pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Matthew – the vineyard is doing really well, thank you. The problem is I can’t visit as often as I like and can only visit a few days here and there – to the great relief of the team, lol. It’s difficult to have such wonderful wine on tap – hic!

June 26 at 1:28pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Sarifa – I’ll be going into the discussion thread in a minute but am glad you’re enjoying the Tribal Gathering – we certainly are ♥ June 26 at 1:29pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Tania – always when a new baby is born, but also I found Zoot’s funeral scene very moving (and indeed, all the others concering loss, whether due to death or the breakdown of a relationship or a dream or an ideal – that is always so sad) June 26 at 1:30pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Marc – that’s a very good question and there are so many stories and things one is never able to do in movies and television due to a range of reasons, from losing editorial control to budget constraints whereas in novels, the imagination can just flow. Thank you for your kind comments and am humbled that you enjoy my work ;0$

June 26 at 1:32pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Matthew – My heart is strong as well and your comments are extremely touching and it’s humbling to know that The Tribe has influenced you and so many people June 26 at 1:32pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Canol – good question re. Bluebell – think Lex would have enjoyed some hamburgers ;0) June 26 at 1:33pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Donna Marie – that’s very interesting about ‘good eyes’ and something my mother always used to say (where did you hear the expression)? June 26 at 1:33pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Simone Monica – yes, there is a movie in development and always hope for new television sequels June 26 at 1:34pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Layne – I totally agree with you June 26 at 1:34pm · Like

Zac Robertson who is the main character of the tribe well obviously the mall ratz but which character June 26 at 1:34pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Elisha – yes, it would have been fantastic to have seen Ebony as a mother (watch out for some new novels – without giving a spoiler) June 26 at 1:35pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Anita – it’s really true about the socks ;0$ I’m full of phobias, quirks, obsessions and rituals. I drive myself mad – and lots of other people too ;0) June 26 at 1:36pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Benjamin – I always thought Zandra would have had twins – one of each

June 26 at 1:36pm · Like ·

1 person

The Tribe (Official) ​@Catsybesties – I loved Slade as a character. The lone drifter. Mercenary. Fascinating. And so well played by Matt (what a lovely actor). I personally like to write some of Slade’s back story in a future novel and explore where Ebony and Slade would get to

June 26 at 1:37pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Sabine – Calen was so cool as Mega and is a very gifted tattoo artist – as well as a very lovely human being

http://www.facebook.com/thetribeofficial/posts/212876118750324 Page 23 of 27

Hello Tribeworld!… 30/06/11 4:09 PM

June 26 at 1:38pm · Like

Zac Robertson answer my question June 26 at 1:40pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Oscar – the reason no-one had last names was that in this dystopian world I think it is great to have characters name themselves as indigenous do or did in the native American Indian (for example) culture (still love the thought of why Pr…


Q I hav this question for a long time now, i hope you can answer this for me. Why did the role of Zandra ended so early? Myself and many others whised to have seen more of her and the development of her character.

^ mostly due to education and we will explore Zandra later in ensuing novels

The Tribe (Official) ​@Brett – no problem with the books Brett because we have lots of publishers and now with the advent of digital publishing you will certainly have lots to read and keep you busy! June 26 at 1:42pm · Like

Q Furthering Elisha’s question, i believe that Tribemaster report also mentioned that she was running with Flame? From TNT? The age difference there would seem extreme and I thought that Tribemaster had insinuated that the child was Flames also?

^ I’ll include some extracts in the book from some outtakes from a screenplay and I think you’ll be amazed at how Flame and the Privileged and the Discards were to be!!

Q Towards the end of the series there was a storyline with May/Salene that dealt with their sexuality, although they simply remained friends. Were you thinking of sometime having a gay character or relationship on the show?

^ a very good question. I was indeed wishing to explore themes of coping with sexuality and especially the tragic pressures anyone must have in being frightened to ‘come out’ and be who they are. In a caring and civil society, everyone has the right to accept their sexuality and I think there is something profoundly wrong when anyone expressing love is pilloried and often ridiculed

Q Hey Ray, how did you feel when the tribe ended so incomplete?

^ I think it will continue on either though movies or television or novels and sometimes it might rest as everything has to do (i.e. sleep) and in the ying and yang, it is not good to be happy at times and all the time. Otherwise yo…

Q Why all character wear make up or war paint? I think it’s really cool and I remember how I was copying those make ups when I was younger and watched the Tribe. 🙂

^ glad you enjoyed all the make- up and wild costume designs! June 26 at 1:48pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Erin – as per my previous post, Sal will get a happy ending because she will appreciate being happy and content having struggled June 26 at 1:49pm · Like

Q Hi Ray! Thanks for a lovely gathering, me and my friends over at Tribe Universe are really enjoying it. I just wanted to ask, what did you take with you/learn about yourself from working on The Tribe?

^ thank you and glad you’re enjoying The Gathering. I have taken with me from working on The Tribe that it’s important to Keep the Dream Alive in whatever form June 26 at 1:49pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Soraya – no, I’m afraid I don’t think the German books will be translated into English ;0( June 26 at 1:50pm · Like

Q Hi Ray what was your inspiration for Jack as he really is a bit of an unsung hero and probably wouldnt have survived for long if it wasn’t for his vast IT and scientific knowledge (for some1 of his age anyway)?? 😀

^ Jack – yes, I love Jack (and Michael played him so well) and agree that he is an unsung hero. Unassuming. And a very important member of a tribe (I’d need him on a desert island with his ingenuity).

Q ray your storyline ideas were genius , i think the only thing I would have changed is that zoot didnt die so soon , i think I liked the way that there was adults used in end of season 3 really confused me

^ re. Zoot’s death – I explore a little more about this in the book and I think it will make more sense. Thank you for your kind comments ;0)

Q You once mentioned Star Trek Deep Space Nine ! A fan Ray ?

^ yes, I am a huge StarTrek and Deep Space 9 fan and loved working with William Shatner as well

Q are you going tobring back the original cast if you make the movie!? because i dont htink people care that they are older because it would be weird if you got other people!:(

^ I would love to work with the cast again.

Q What happened to the guardian after the island where he was stuck in the cage?

^ all will be revealed in the novels – I promise you June 26 at 1:54pm · Like

Q Have you seen amy fan made tribe movies from germany??? I was in one of them. Lot of fun!!! 🙂

^ I’ll make sure I check the German fan movies and look out for you

Q Will there be a tribe movie? there is still answers left open and things unknown you need to make a movie to close all the unanswered questions for good pease!

^ are you Scottish with a surname Forbes? Yes, there will be platforms to resolve all the stories. But I can never stamp the end on The Tribe so there will always be unanswered questions, as indeed there are in the life of anything…

Q Thank you so much for answering Ray! Your words were really touching and The Tribe really does mean a lot to us all.

^ I’m looking forward to having a chat via phone Lance as I have enjoyed and admired your work ;0) June 26 at 1:59pm · Like

Q I do have a question. in series 5 java and siva killed each other do u have any plans of using the story line in a different way in a new series like the virus that mega unleashed wasn’t a virus but people that was killed from the gun were brought back to life?? Please reply

^ I’ve always thought (again, without doing a spoiler) that it wasn’t so much the Virus that posed the problem but the antidote, which affected the pineal gland which accelerated the aging process. But lots of areas to explore, as life is never simple and one answer usually spawns a million questions


Q I have to say thank you for writing alice in, Even if you don’t manage to answer my questions it has to be saidl! gave big girls like me someone to Look up to

^ glad you enjoyed Alice ;0)

Q Hello Ray, I just wanted to extend a sincere “Thank you” – The Tribe was perhaps my biggest inspiration for deciding to attend University to become a Costume Designer. The world you created was full of endless possibilities, and opened my eyes to creative in such a way. Thank you!

^ that is so cool! I love that! Good luck with your endeavours as a costume designer and one day it would be great to see your work as you have seen ours. Chase the dream; never stamp the end on it. Never give up.

Q is there going to be a movie about the tribe


The Tribe (Official) ​@Sanna Liv. I would love to work with the cast again. Monday at 5:29pm · Like

Q It ended way too soon! thank you for a great show! I can’t wait to show my children as they get older.

^ Glad you enjoyed and that your children will be watching. Monday at 5:30pm · Like

Q Hey Ray, I wanted to know, was Gel supposed to reflect Zandra onto Lex? I’ve thought this ever since Baby Bray barfed on Gel, then I remembered Zandra’s experience with Brady..

^ Yes, Gel reminded Lex of Zandra in many ways. Monday at 5:30pm · Like

Q Thank you for answering my first question and TYVM for calling Laiani, it was what we all hoped for her you guys are awesome.

^ Re Dwayne’s extra call, these things are important sometimes. Monday at 5:31pm · Like

Q Thank you for answering my question. I don’t think you’ll ever know how much this show meant to me and the time I got to spend with my best friend.

^ Thank you for chatting as well and for being there. Monday at 5:32pm · Like

Q Will there be any mention of tribemaster in Tribe 6 🙂

^ Yes Tribemaster has appeared, but in an incarnation. Monday at 5:33pm · Like

Q you should make the tribe into a movie, i bet it will be as big if not bigger then the twilight saga, who needs sparkly vampires when we have mall rats xxx

^ That might be possible at some point.

The Tribe (Official) ​@Holly May. Thank you and it was a pleasure speaking with you Holly. Monday at 5:34pm · Like

Q How many fanfics have you read?

^ I love to see homemade fan videos and interpretations of fanfics. To all fans reading these thou, please be careful that third parties pose as fans and are reality pirates, as we are the victim of this on so many occasions

The Tribe (Official) ​@Donna. Yes I would love to see a Tribe themed wedding. Monday at 5:42pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Eagle Mountain Dreams. Let us know when the baby is born (Stacey?). Monday at 5:43pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Caroline. I love the dawn and the books will be available eventually as audio books. Monday at 5:43pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Nik. Don’t know if I answered this already, but just to be sure. I took a lot with me in terms of memories – wonderful memories – working on The Tribe and it all punctuated the need to always chase your dream. Monday at 5:45pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Nina. I love the self expression through music and clothes, and hairstyle or makeup. Always have. Monday at 5:47pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Jack. Re the tours to Australia. This may happen at some point. Monday at 5:47pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Emma. I love all the characters and equally as one might love your children in much the same way and the aspiration was to present characters with depth and several dimensions.

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The Tribe (Official) ​@Layla. There are a lot in the characters who are a lot like me. But as a personality, we all have Zoot and Bray within us and I have a bit of Lex as well, having grown up in a tough neighborhood. Certainly a lot of Tai San as well re philosophy.

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The Tribe (Official) ​@Kathryn. I applaud young mothers and fathers, Great your sister has done so well with your niece. Monday at 5:54pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Heather. Yes it was always in my mind and for a number of reasons it all ended up different. But I am still proud of the New Tomorrow, even if it veered off in a different way.

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The Tribe (Official) ​@Catlin. I think that I am the only one that knows:) Monday at 5:56pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Svenja. All of them. Monday at 5:57pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Brett. Re Bob the Dog. Thank you. Monday at 5:57pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Mathew. Re the movie. It is a long process and I am just trying to get the screen play in the right shape. Monday at 5:58pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Mikaela. I am inspired at the notion of young people changing the world. Monday at 5:59pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Rebecca. I had an emotional attachment to all the characters. Monday at 5:59pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Ann. Greetings from me to you in Virginia USA. I am glad that you have enjoyed The Tribe. Monday at 6:00pm · Like

The Tribe (Official) ​@Lisa. Yes a movie is in development. Monday at 6:00pm · Like

Q when lex was addicted to the game like the whole city, was that to try and show drug addiction?

^ Yes, well spotted about the addiction to games, as that was the intention.

The Tribe (Official) ​@Amanda. That is an interesting question. I would prefer to have any stories follow immediatley from series 5, which will happen in the novels. But I think that if a television sequel ever happened we might have to come at it in a different way.