Tom Hern (RAM) Facebook Chat Transcript!

Ram-tom-hern-the-tribeReality Space overload!  None other than Tom Hern (RAM) joined the Online Tribal Gathering 2011 to answer fans questions and interact during a live Q&A session on the Tribe’s official Facebook page.

Tom answered many questions including what he thought of RAM, The Technos, The Tribe, Tribe Tours, and what he’s been up to since Series 5, and Tom’s musical activities (and check out Tom’s awesome song Someday on YouTube)!

Thanks again to Tom so much for appearing at the online Gathering, after which time Tom spoke to a lucky winner by phone, and thanks also to everyone who took part in Tom’s live questions and answers.

Here are the answers retrieved from the session…

Computer, activate answers…

Q: OMG, Tom..♥ What are you up to these days career, personal, and otherwise?

^ Hi Kristy, I am working both as an actor and producer and run my own production company with fellow Tribester, JamesNapier! 🙂

Q: Hey Tom, nice to have you hear. a warm welcome from germany Did you know when “I’m not Harry Jenson” will realesed worldwide?

We’re negotiating a deal for a North American release at the moment and hopefully soon in other territories – it is available in Australasia – check out Amazon!

Q: Hey tom! gladyou could make it! 🙂 how are you?

^ Hi Sabrina, I am great thanks, can’t complain! 🙂

Q: What do the words keep the dream alive mean to you?

Well I’m a big dreamer – dreams are very important to me so it has a real poignant value for me. I’m always dreaming and working on fulfilling those dreams ;0)

Q: omg i love ram did youhave fun playing him ♥

^ Absolutely loved playing RAM, three wives was a bonus as well! 😛

Q: hey tom. what was it like play such an evil dude?

^ Absolutely awesome, I think most actors will tell you playing the villain is more fun than being the leading man

Q: What was it like to have that spiky hair?

We’ve finally found a worse case about the character – I had to have rollers in my hair for 45 minutes every morning – butI liked the end result ;0)

Q: Who was your favorite Tribe Leading Lady?

^ Mmmm good question, I think pretty hard to go past Ebony to be honest

Q:  Which of theepisodes was your favourite to film?

^ The final episode of series 4, ep 52 in the half-hours

Q: Hi tom! Do you have good computer skills like ram?

^ I am getting better, I drive Garageband pretty well and can edit a bit on Final Cut Pro but mainly use email 😛

Q: Hi Tom Hern. Might I say that you are very handsome. Now, what was it like playinga cripple? Was it challenging?

It was amazing to play RAM – I think his disability served the character and I had to play from my hands, my face, my eyes – and I loved the electric wheelchair!

Q: Do you have any phobias?

Yes, small spaces! And elevators

Q: Are you still doing any music?

Yes, I’m doing quite a bit of music and here’s a plug for you – one that I’m working on with my brother so the team at TTO will let you know where you can see that.

Q: Hi Tom, huge fan of your work. You are an amazing actor but which do you preferbeing infront or behind the camera directing?? ♥

^ Hi Trina, thank you, I enjoy both and honest answer is that in the last couple of years I have really enjoyed behind the camera, I’m still doing some acting but its a clear shift behindthe camera at this point

Q: do you own the boxset of the tribe

A No I don’t but I’d love to!!

Q: What was the best thing about being on the tribe? =)

^ I would have to go back to the character, playing such aninteresting guy RAM

Q: What is your best Tribe memory?

^ It was actually when we went on tour and first arrived at the airport, Frankfurt I think in Germany and we arrived and there were hundreds of fans there waiting to welcome us, a very special memory

Q: how has The Tribe changed your life?

The Tribe has changed my life on a massive scale – it was my first professional job and gave me a platform on which to build a career in the industry in which I love ;0)

Q: Do you ever go back and watch yourself in past projects or do you find it hard to watch yourself?

^ Initially extremely hard but over the years I’ve got better at watching myself

Q: Amelia Blanch hey tom are u in a relationship?


Q: BTW Do you like Pie? I asked the Tribemaster this but he didn’t respond

^ Big pie fan, both savoury and sweet!

Q: Did you think your character deserved to be thrown into the streets like he was?

I think he dug his own grave there and unfortunately I think he got his dues ;0/

Q: If you were to play an another character in the tribe, who would you havechosen and why? 🙂

^ Hi Tone Lise, I would have liked to have a go at someone like Jack, and the reason being I think it would have been heaps of fun to almost play the antithesis of RAM, a nice warm and funny guy

Q: Jessica Edwina Carroll are YOU harry jenson?!?

That’s for me to know and you to find out! Maybe he’s the Tribemaster?!

Q: How was it like to be “the new one” in the crew, did they bring you in directly?

^ Hi Amanda, it was extremely exciting, my first professional acting gig with much anticipation and excitement and then just turning up and seeing all this amazing gear and equipment, such a huge crew all working on the show, I was so grateful to be a part of it

Q: do you have twitter?

I do have it but have been too busy to use it!!

Q: What was thefirst / last scene you filmed for TT?

^ Hi, yes I do remember! The first scene I filmed was driving through the Techno office in the wheelchair and we shot that in the underground level of the Wellington rugby stadium… and the last scene was the boat leaving at the end of series 5

Q: Where is your favorite place to travel?

My favourite places that I have travelled are Antarctica for obvious reasons and Samoa and the place I would like to visit is India

Q: Will you marry me? ♥

^ Hi! Hehehehe 🙂 I’m already taken thank you anyway! 🙂

Q: I watch the Tribe but my friends say I’m uncool. Is there a cream for this?

I think being in the uncool crowd is actually the coolest crowd of all – there are plenty of uncool people who have gone on to become the most successful people of all – so don’t sweat it too much ;0)

Q: If you could create your own cyber world like Ram did, what would it be like?

^ Mmmm good question…. hmmmmm…. I think maybe I would try and make a safe haven, a place where everyone can be free to be themselves and it would be a peaceful place, a calm Utopia

Q: Do you like to play video games? If so what´s your favorite?

I purposely have never owned any of those consoles as I have such an addictive personality but I’m staying at my brother’s and getting hooked on NBA at the moment…

Q: when ram was disableddid you like ever accidently move your legs or anything?

^ Plenty of times but only when it was in a mid-shot or a close p!

Q: Hey Tom, what I want to know is.. What is one of your guilty pleasures?? (like Calen’s was jilly cooper novels, and Matt’s was some kids cartoons)

^ Dark chocolate!


A Thanks so much!!!

Q: Hi Tom, I read somewhere that youre a christian, how did you feel about playing such an evil guy?

I think it’s a lot more fun being the baddy so its nice to try to stretch as far away as possible from your real self when acting so it was a joy ;0)

Q:  What do you like to do Inyour spare time?

Hi Kara, in recent years I’ve become quite a workaholic obsessed with my own projects, films and telling stories so don’t have a whole lot of spare time but when I do have spare time – I collapse on the couch and watch movies or sport and I like lawn bowling!

Q: Ram was a bit (or alot) of a germaphobe. Did that rub off on you at all? Did you become more germ-conscious?

Not particularly!

Q: Even though you were evil for some reason I was drawn to your character, and I wasn’t disappointed. Your character showed more caring and I wondered, how much like RAM do you  think you are?

^ Hi, we’re not alike really, occasionally if I don’t get enough sleep or eat enough food I can slip into a manic state which is more like RAM – but overall we are very different

Q: Hello Tom! 2 Questions: Does anyone still call you Herndog? And are you still a big fan of John Tavolta?

Some of my old friends still refer to me as Herndog and I still use it as my MC/rapper name and still love JT big time man – he’s numero uno!

Q: Which wife did you consider your best Ebony, Java or Siva ( I love how you say Java n Siva! You end the names with a ER lol)

^ I couldn’t possibly kiss and tell! 😛 They were all great

Q: Favorite place to be?

^ Is at my home where I live, out in a beach community in a rural area in NZ and every morning when I wake up if I go for a walk on the beach I feel very grateful to be alive

Q: What’s the strangestrumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?

Not sure actually – there are a few strange ones out there!

Q: How did you learn to do the accent for Ram? Did you have a coach? Was it difficult to learn?

^ Hi, it was difficult at first, I put quite a bit of work into it, it’s a lot easier for younger people who have grown up withUS television to pick up the accent so always a challenge

Q: Tom, have you got a fave book?

Yes – The Manual of the Warrior of Light Handbook by Paulo Coelho and Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Q: Hey Tom, who was your favourite character besides Ram? 🙂 please answer 🙂

From Amy 🙂

^ Hi Amy, hmmm, it would be the Guardian!

Q: Hello~ ^^ May I just get a hello? Haha I loved your character so much~♥

^ Hi and thank you! ♥

Q:  How hard was it playing someone who was so concerned about germs?

^ it was not difficult at all, really enjoyable, it gave another layer to the character and something interesting for me to play with

Q: hi, what gives you the passion to play Ram so evil?

Trying to think back, I think…. ooo that’s a good question… I’ll come back to that, I’d like to answer it honestly so need to think

Q: Are you team Edward or Team Jacob 🙂

^ Team Jacob

Q: If Ram hada child in the series, what would the kids name be?

Judas?! Lol – Rex!!

Q: Thanx for doing this Tom; I was wondering: what is the weirdest/funniest thing a fan ever asked you to sign/autograph

Ahah, well I am always surprised when I autograph very new pieces of clothing and once a young boy asked me to sign a new polo shirt, it felt weird writing on this new piece of clothing! 😛

Q: What are your pet peeves?

People who close their eyes when they’re talking to you!!

Q: Even though ram was disabled he had a ton of women running around after him, such a ladies man

Like I said, the experience on the Tribe for me certainly wasn’t a chore!

Q: Did it get hot in that lycra outfit?

It most certainly did!!

Q: Whats your favorite movie, Tom? & Are you watching Formula 1?

Formula 1 – to be honest I don’t watch it, I come from a family of petrolheads and I’m the only black sheep who doesn’t watch motorsports… and my favourite movie, well there are a huge number of movies that I love for different reasons, difficult to pick one…. but… I would say that a recent movie I enjoyed was Dr Strangelove

Q: what do you miss the most about being on the tribe??

Embodying RAM and also just hanging around and working with such an inspiring group of young people

Q: How would you feel if a computer virus destroyed your city?

^ Not good! 😛

Q: are you happy to be reconnecting with fans again after so many years off the show?

^ It’s great, I feel very grateful for all the support and am pleased that the Tribe struck such an emotional chord with the fans, that’s testament to Ray and the writers for writingsuch a story that rings true to so many people

Q: Do you have one big regret?

That I started smoking…

Q: how do you find life after the tribe, when you go away, to places it was shown do people point you out???

I always thought it was lovely when someone would come and introduce themselves rather than pointing or giggling at me and I have met some lovely people who have been fans on my travels ;0)

Q: Tom, you did a fantastic job presenting Ray Thompson’s acceptance speech at Dragon*Con for his award in 2003. I still cry every time I watch that part of the tour videos because it meant so much.

Thank you so much!

Q: what character fromliterature or film have you always wanted to play?

Good question! 🙂 There are plenty of musicians that I admire from the past that I’d really love to have a go at playing, so many to choose from!

Q: What would be your luxury item if you were stranded on a deserted island?

Soda water ;0)

Q: can u please please answer my question huge fan and u havnt answered any of my questions 🙂 🙂 with the auditioning process how did u feel, was there a huge ammount of people trying out for the part of ram or did u just get it 🙂 and what did u think when u got the part?

Ray cast me and thought I was right for the role, it was great! 🙂

Q: Do you speak any other languages?

I’m currently learning the Maori language (the nativelanguage of New Zealand)

Q: I’m getting kind of suspicious as to how you are answering these so fast….. 😐

A TTO team asking me the questions and typing them for me

Q: if you had a “normal” job (no singer, actor etc) what kind of work would you do?

I would be a restaurateur/chef

Q: What are 5 thingsyou couldn’t live without?

Food, water, sleep, breath, dreams

Q: Thank you soooo much for doing this!!!

^ Thank you!

Q: What’s the best/worst part of playing Ram?
A: He was such an interesting, layered character, the best part was fully delving into the psyche of Ram! The worst part was not being able to play him anyone once the show ended.

Q: What characteristics are you much like Ram?
A: I would like to think that I share his passion and vision for the bigger picture, and to a lesser degree I have a temper at times 😉

Q: How was Ram able to deal with all the drama that was happening around him?
A: I think he was a powerful leader, a mastermind, eccentric genius, although he had questionable intentions, it all helped him a lot.

Q: Did you steal anything from the set?
A: I have a car seat belt that the Technos had on their chest!

Q: If you were granted three wishes, any idea what you’d wish for?
A: I wish the All Blacks would win the Rugby World Cup! I wish that people will start taking better care of the planet. I wish that I could have a life time supply of Dark Chocolate!

Q: do you have a cat? if you do whats its name?
A: No, I’m more of a Dog guy.

Q: whats you favourite sport?
A: Rugby League

Q: whats your favourite colour?
A: Maroon

Q: whats your favourite episode?
A: One of the episodes near the end of season four, when the pressure was coming on Ram, and his empire was crashing down around him.

Q: whats your favourite food?
A: Olives, Anchovies, any Pasta 😉

Q: And since you have now moved behind the camera you get my favorite question to ask, which is, What advice do you have for a person trying to get into the industry?
A: My advice would be to just get out there and do it! It’s pretty easy to get hold of a camera and editing software. I encourage you guys to get out there and experiment, give it a go!

Q: What was the most difficult part about playing your character?
A: It’s always a challenge to use an accent that’s not your own, but I welcomed it.

Q: What was it like playing Ram when he was crippled in the wheelchair?
A: It was an amazing challenge for a young actor, but I loved every minute of it.

Q: What was it like working with Jason David Frank and do you ever plan on going to the Power Rangers Morphicon?
A: I’m pretty busy with my own projects at the moment, but I’m always keen to meet the fans, so I wouldn’t rule it out.

Q: Did u have a nickname within the tribe after workin’ with them ?
A: Not really!

Q: Have you ever been to Canada or ever plan on visiting?
A: No, but I’d love to!

Q: How long did you spend in hair and makeup every morning?
A: About 45 minutes.

Q: Last question its a little random but anyway whats your favourite type of cheese?
A: Stilton Blue

Q: whats your favourite fruit?
A: Feijoa

Q: how old were you when you started acting
A: I did some theatre at school, around 14. I started the Tribe when I turned 16.

Q: What did u get the role of ram leader of the techno in the tribe ? 😀
A: I auditioned. Funny story, I actually blew it, it was a really bad audition, but the casting director saw something in me. She pulled me aside, said go away, do some work, come back in a week, and the second audition went really well.

Q: Which person did u think was hot out of the tribe back then ?
A: We were surrounded by beautiful women, it’s impossible to choose!

Q: what was your funniest mistake you made while filming?
A: I crashed my wheelchair into one of the sets and left a big hole!

Q: who was your most best friend to hang out with on the set?
A: I would have to say James Napier, though it was shaky at the start

Q: I loved you as Jess in revelations did you enjoy filming? You where totally different to Ram!xx

A: Yeah, it was an amazing experience. It was really cool with all the variety, having a different time zone with each episode. It was a huge challenge being the major character in a tv series.

Q: Ram was such a hilariously complex character. Did you like his transition in seasons 4-5?
A: Yes, I did. That’s the interesting thing about playing a character on tv, they have a long story arc. You can explore a vast range of their personality. Though I enjoyed playing Ram the most when he was most evil.

Q: What was it like coming into a series that is already developed?
A: It was great coming into a successful show, I knew I was taking part in something special. Also, having the challenge of becoming a part of something established.

Q: Tom, i’m going to miss talking to you as my computers growling at me, I just had to say, You Rock
A: Thank you kindly, so do you!

Q: who in The Tribe are you most like in real life?
A: Lex!

Q: What did you think of your character make-up? Did it represent anything to you?
A: I liked it, but I didn’t really represent anything to me. Looked a bit like Lucifer though!

Q: How comfortable was the chair you had to sit in for Ram’s character? Did you have to get out a lot and stretch? 😉
A: It was pretty comfy! It got very hot though.

Q: Good evening Tom! Have you ever done anything work related in the USA?
A: I’ve been up their briefly for auditions and meetings. Also went to Dragoncon a few years back

Q: do you think ram and ruby would end up together
A: I think there was potential!

Q: What inspired you to become an actor and do you have any advise to fans that would like to act?
A: I was always a performer from a very young age, and I had a natural way on the stage. People told me I was pretty good at it! Advice would be to get a grounding in theatre and to study human beings when you’re not busy. Soak up the people around you!