STUNTS – a flashback special location report (Part 1)

Part 1 of special report on stunts with Daniel James (ZOOT), Caleb Ross (LEX), Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN)

There’s a lot of action and stunts in the Tribe – how is it all done?

Well here’s your chance to find out…


During the filming of the Tribe numerous stunts and fight scenes have taken place.

How often have the actual stars been involved?

Well to their credit actors in the Tribe have all commented on how they would love to do their own stunts – but for the safety and insurance of the show they can’t.

Imagine if Daniel James (ZOOT) had really jumped over the balcony when filming Zoot’s death scene? This could have had devastating effects…

Instead of Daniel making the leap, a fully trained stuntman doubling as Zoot jumped off the balcony onto some special padding below – and thanks to the wonders of editing, it really looks as if Zoot/Daniel James is falling off the balcony. After the fall, both Daniel and his stunt double (due to his skill as a stuntman – don’t try it at home!) are fine and well.

Daniel says “I had to run along the top balcony, jump at Lex and half jump over the balcony and hold on to the railing. That’s when the stunt double comes in, he flies over the balcony and hits a whole lot of mats on the floor. Then the next shot you see is me lying dead on the ground.”


When asked if he’d have done the stunt himself Daniel replied “Yeah. I love jumping off stuff. When I was five I used to jump off my balcony with a plastic bag to see if it would hold me up. UmmmŠand it never really did work. (laugh). But you have to admit the idea was there though.”

How important are stunt doubles to your work?
Daniel James: “Very important. They make dangerous scenes look good without possible injury to the cast.”

Would you be a stunt man?
Daniel James: “Umm. (pause) The thought’s passed though my mind a few times. But there’s some stunts I’d rather not do.”

Another one of our Tribe “stunties” is Caleb Ross who plays Lex. As you know Lex has had a few fights and tumbles in his time with everyone from Bray (Dwayne Cameron) to Zoot and Locos, to Ebony and other Tribes.

One incident in Series 2 is when Lex is caught up literally holding onto the roof in a collapsing building. Here’s what really happened…

Caleb Ross: “Basically they used me to film up to when the barn fell. The door falls partway and I jump out of shot. Then the stunt man steps in and gets whacked by the door and the roof. With all the hay falling you don’t notice the change over.”

What’s your most memorable stunt with Lex?
Caleb Ross: “My most memorable stunt was a punch up between Lex and Bray in Series 2. We did a fair bit of choreographing with stunt co-ordinator Peter Hassell. We wore protective padding and the whole thing went well.”

Caleb, would you do your own stunts if you had the chance?
Caleb Ross: “Yep. I enjoy a challenge. I feel I’d be physically capable of it.”