STUNTS – a flashback special location report (Part 2)

Part 2 of special report on stunts with Daniel James (ZOOT), Caleb Ross (LEX), Meryl Cassie (EBONY) and Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN)

Stunts aren’t just reserved for the lads either. There’s a fair few stuntwomen about too. Ebony (Meryl Cassie) is a rough and tough chick and gets into all sorts of situations and action. Her stunt double is Alex – and she also doubles up for Tai San (Michelle Ang)…

Hmmm…how can one woman be the stunt double for two totally different looking characters??? That’s the handy work of our wardrobe and hair and make-up teams. First they get the measurements of the stunt double, and then they make an identical costume to that of the actor. Then it’s onto make-up and hair. In the case of doing a stunt as Ebony, Alex needed to have fake braids attached to her hair and Ebony’s make-up and then – presto! She looks like Ebony.

Meryl Cassie recalls what is was like filming one of her biggest stunts…

“The stunt was Ebony running along a wharf and getting hit by a van – she falls into the cold cold sea and everyone thinks she’s dead. I was running and turned to face the van, and then we stopped filming – Alex, my stunt double jumps in my place and gets hit by the van and falls into the water. I didn’t have to go in the water at all. Yay!”

Would you like to be a stunt woman?
Meryl Cassie: “I could never be a stunt woman, I’d like to but I haven’t got the guts. Can you imagine how much their life insurance must cost?”

Michelle Ang (TAI-SAN) has also had a few stunt experiences.

Michelle: “In Series 1 Tribe Circus break into the Mall, but the Mall Rats are prepared and have a net to trap them in. But the trap gets set off at the wrong time and I go up to the roof in it.”

When did your stunt double step in?
Michelle Ang: “I was on Top Hat’s back, then my stunt double comes in and does a flip off Top Hat’s back…

“…Then there’s a cut away of my face. Then back to the stunt double as she goes up in the net really fast. Then it’s back to me really dangling above everyone.”

How did they get you up in the net?
Michelle: “They built a big scaffolding. And there were heaps of safety officers around. But I really was dangling up there. It was a really weird feeling because the scaffolding was there right under me but all that was holding me up was the little net.”

Would you even consider a career as a stuntwoman?
Michelle: “I probably wouldn’t have the guts to do it day in day out. But I really admire those people who do. It’s not like they can just call in sick.”

As you can see stunt people are really important in the world of filmmaking. We need them to make great entertainment without injuring our actors – and the fact they don’t hurt themselves either shows their skill and professionalism as stunt people.

Caleb Ross had this to say, “although stunts are a lot of fun we do them in a controlled environment and have a lot of rehearsals and training before. I’ve also done martial arts which means I’m ore prepared to do this type of thing.”

Remember tribe fans, it’s all fun and games until someone breaks a nail. So stay safe out there… don’t try any stunts at home…