The Style of Mega

Mega is an enigma. He’s a very hard person to read so it’s hard to tell whether he’s a good guy or not.

He looks good but what can you tell from someone’s looks? Looks can be deceiving as we all know.

Mega Techno

Mega is a Techno and a high ranking one at that. His uniform is always immaculate and he is always committed to his work. He’s very focussed and is not sidetracked easily. He helps run all the surveillance around the city and works on special “secret” projects and programs for Ram – like “Paradise”.

He’s a computer whiz and almost nothing phases him. If the problem is with a computer then its a few keystrokes away from being fixed but if it’s a human problem then Mega has to think twice.

Mega isn’t really a people person. He’s highly intelligent and totally focussed. There’s no room for friendships, romances or virts getting in his way.


During Tribe 4 it’s hard to tell whether Mega is on Ram’s side or not. At first everyone thinks he’s an evil sidekick to Ram and is leading the Mallrats into a trap. But Mega soon earns their trust and without his help the Mallrats would have found it very hard to beat Ram at his own game.

So what is it that Mega wants from life? Does he want the top job? Does he want to take over from Ram? Or does he just want to get on with his computer projects while the Techno’s supply all the equipment he needs?

Mega’s style says – if you need something done, I’ll get it done. But the look in his eye is very hard to read.
Is he a good guy or a bad?