The Style of Gel

There’s another new kid on the block and she looks like a real girlie girl to us! There are frills everywhere, not to mention the pink!

So is this girl all froth and frills or is there something evil lurking underneath her enchanting exterior?!

Where has she come from?

Gel’s the name and we’re not too sure where she has come from. Maybe she has come to the city to find a long-lost family member. Or perhaps she has always been there and has been having a secret affair with one of the Mall Rats.

Or does this girl belong in the city after all? From the looks of this photo maybe Gel already has a tribe of her own?

Maybe it’s an all-girl tribe with members that make the most if their looks and spend their time wearing jewellery and doing their hair.

It could be that these girls come from a good background, the posh end of town and need the help of the Mall Rats.

It doesn’t seem as of these girls would be doing too much running around or fighting in these outfits.

There is no hint of a techno style to Gel but it could be that she used to be one and saw the light – or is still one and is being used as a decoy.

The Style

Gel seems to be a nice young girl who smiles a lot and likes to appear well-groomed.

Her hair is pretty natural without all the vivid colours and styles that other tribal girls have adopted.

She wears a lot of jewellery and it looks as if she spends a lot of time on her appearance.

The knee-high socks suggest a certain naivety about her – or maybe she is just going for the Brittney Spears sexy schoolgirl look.

What’s the agenda?

Check out the make-up! Is Gel a model, a celebrity from CityNet or has she been sent to lure the male Mall Rats into someone’s lair?

She looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but there have been some fashion-concious chicks in tribeworld before Gel who have had a certain bite to them.

Maybe Gel is an innocent pawn in a game of chance.

She might be a spy sent into the city.

Or perhaps she is just a lonely soul, looking for her family or the tribe she thought she had lost along the way.

Or maybe, just maybe we have seen her somewhere in tribeworld before…