The style of Slade

There’s a new face in town and nobody can tell if he’s a nice guy or not!

Slade has the look of a dodgy type with his full arm tatoo. Or maybe he has just been watching too many Robbie Williams videos?!

He has a bit of a rough grungy look going on which might mean that he hangs out in the bad side of town.

Or perhaps he is just pretending to be bad so that he can infiltrate a camp as a spy?

Hair Hair!

The Big G.had a mullet, Bray had braids and this new character seems to have something in between. Something for the girls to get their hands into?

There appears to be a lack of tribal marking on this guy. Does he belong to a Tribe or is he a bit of a lone rider? Perhaps his sideburns are a form of mark or the tatoo on his arm might distinguish his tribe from others?

It’s a possibility that the necklace he’s wearing is a tribal charm. Or maybe it’s a gift from a loved one?

Slade looks as if he’s having an earnest conversation in this picture. Or is it the look of love?

Rumour has it that this character sets many hearts a flutter in tribeworld with his brooding looks and rugged style.

Is that a scar we see above his right eyebrow? Does this guy get into a lot of fights? Maybe he just missed when he was shaving his sideburns. So what’s it to be Slade? Good guy or bad guy?

Something certainly seems to have ruffled his feathers in this picture – or someone.

The style says – don’t mess with me. But the look in his eye tells us that he might not really be so bad under the rough exterior.

A Jekyll and Hyde character perhaps? Or is it a case of what you see is what you get?