The Tribe Tour 2002 – Bringing the Dream to the World – 2nd UK Fan Report

Meryl, Caleb, Tori and Michael returned from their Tribe Tour 2002 to Germany and the UK in February.

This week we have a special diary from Sophie Jaques in the U.K who won a competition to meet the cast while they were in London.

After I sent my Tribe Menu off, I hadn’t expected to hear any more about it.
However, one Friday afternoon the phone rang then my sister said there was someone called Niki Preece asking for me…Having been told the good news I had to ring my stepmum and friends-who were almost as shocked as I was.
I don’t usually win things, plus I’m not artistic at all. As the day drew closer a series of unfortunate events occurred, which meant that Julie (my stepmum) was unable to accompany me to London-so after several frantic days of ringing friends and family, my Auntie Sue said she’d love to travel down with me.

The day finally arrived, so after dropping my brothers and sister off at school, we drove to Keighley train station (we were to change at Leeds). Having managed to catch an earlier train, we prepared for the three-hour journey, but of course the train was late arriving in London, and then we had to find where the taxi was supposed to be meeting the four of us (me and my aunt, Hannah and her mum).
Whilst we were waiting, Hannah and I discussed our competition entries, favourite characters etc. Arriving about an hour late at the Rainforest Cafe, we were met by Niki Preece, who led us downstairs to the table. I was quite excited by then, and also this was my first visit to London since I was seven.
A sea of faces rose t o meet us-most of which I recognised. The cast being pros at this sort of thing made us feel welcome. Having sat down, as Hannah wrote, we talked a bit about Series 4 and The Tribe in general.

Tori mentioned she’d like to have played Max in Dark Angel. Caleb commented that a film role he would have liked would have been Frodo in Lord of the Rings, which provoked a few friendly height-related jokes and strangely enough, remarks about hairy feet!
Our food arrived (which was delicious), while the cast, especially Michael enthused about the super-spy MacGyver.
Since Pop Idol was still going strong, the four had watched it-Meryl revealed that she couldn’t stand a certain finalist out of the three left. I had lots of questions to ask, but annoyingly forgot most of them at the time.

Just before dessert, Steve the photographer from Channel 5 came to snap some photos, then we moved across to the bar, for the four to sign autographs and to take several more pictures. The cast were really great to talk to, and very patient about signing things, considering the many dozens (or even hundreds?) they’d probably already signed on the tour so far.

After that my Auntie Sue and I had to leave to catch our train back (which we got there just in time to see leave), so I said my goodbyes to everyone. Once home it felt like the event had never happened, but I had a fabulous day out and enjoyed meeting Tori, Meryl, Hannah, Caleb and Mike so much. I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped organise it, and the cast!

Sophie Jaques, 15

Riddlesden (West Yorkshire), UK