The Tribe Tour 2002 – Bringing the Dream to the World – Special Cast Report

Meryl, Caleb, Tori and Michael have now returned from their Tribe Tour 2002 to Germany and the UK. This week we will take a look at a special report from the cast.

The Tribe Tour 2002 Tour was a huge success and we thought that we would bring you some more exclusive gossip…

Last week both Meryl and Caleb came into the office and wrote a wee note or two about the Tour…

Meryl, Caleb and fans at Frankfurt Airport


Hey guys!

Man, did I have a great time on tour seeing all you guys!

That’s me, relaxing on the plane!

Spent a lot of time catching up with cool fans, sightseeing, shopping and of course doing the work thing which involves interviews and photo shoots.

We were very spoilt and got to spend two days at Disneyland Paris and man did I have a ball.

Rolling around the snow in Germany was also fantastic and getting my hands on some shopping in London was great too.

I am now back in New Zealand and missing you all like crazy already!

At the ice curling rink in Germany

Thank you all again for your support and for making our trip so enjoyable and fulfilling.

Until I see you next time.
Lots of Love to you all,
Meryl Cassie


Hey all,
Just a bit about the tour…

Chilling out on the bus

We all had a great time. Germany was pretty rushed, travelling every day and night to a different city and hotel. So we didn¹t get to see much of the actually countryside, but the bus we travelled on was pretty awesome… there were only five of us and we had a full sized coach all to ourselves!

England wasn’t so rushed… we actually got to spend almost two weeks in one hotel, so we could unpack everything and do some laundry. We spent most of the time just doing interviews and things all over London, mainly magazine, some radio and television as well.

Playing the piano at ‘Sound’, Leicester Square

The biggest day of the whole trip, would have been in Birmingham. We had our “appearance” there, and it just blew me away! So many people turned up, I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be a really good day. We spent about four hours there just talking to people and signing stuff, I even managed to get a book of most peoples signatures as they filed past, which is now on the coffee table back home.

Then, off to Paris and Disneyland Paris! That was great, I hadn’t been to Disneyland before, in fact, hadn’t even been on a rollercoaster, which by the way I’m now addicted too. We had two days there, just going on rides, and walking around.. it was magic.

Me and my soup at Singapore Airport

After that, the girls went home, and I went to spend some time with my two brothers that live in England, then finally left last weekend.

Well, that¹s about it really…
Best Wishes
Caleb Ross.

Check in next week for some more exclusive Tour gossip.

In the meantime, check out this fantastic picture of Meryl Cassie!

Meryl came into the office to do some ADR work for Tribe series 4. We were stunned to see her without her trademark braids!

Meryl likes to take her braids out now and again. This is her natural hair.

We think she looks fantastic! What do you think? Would you recognise Meryl if you saw her out and about?