Tribe 4 Episode 16

LEX calls in sick with tooth ache. No patrolling for him today.

JAY and EBONY visit local farmers to encourage them to bring food in to the city.

DEE discovers the back-hand deals that LEX has set up with the market traders. She wants in on the action.

RAM seethes when he learns that JAY and EBONY went on a jaunt out of the city. And where is SIVA?

DEE plays dentist, and deals to LEX’s tooth and his dodgy deals.

PRIDE follows the Technos to a power plant.

MOUSE and her pet mouse get hungry and horde T-bars.

RAM instructs EBONY to keep her contact with JAY to an absolute minimum. RAM scares her.

A sick LEX storms out of a clinch with SIVA.

DEE asks EBONY for medicine for LEX’s tooth.

PRIDE is cornered in the power station, but learns valuable information.

RAM is suspicious of SIVA’s escapades.

CLOE has a crafty plan.

VED rules the game in RAM’s cyber paradise. JAY thinks the games are just a distraction from reality.

LEX arrives back at the mall in time to collapse.

JAY reports back to RAM on the status of the power station.

Meanwhile PRIDE returns to inform the Mall Rats about the Techno’s power station plans.

LEX’s tooth trouble has gone from bad to worse. Will he be able to pull through?