Tribe 4 Episode 15

Techno food arrives for the hungry city kids. LEX’s tooth is still playing up.

MOUSE traps a new friend.

CLOE wishes for pizza, but the Techno food looks like chocolate. EBONY is not impressed.

JAVA temps JAY to test the virtual waters

.PRIDE won’t eat the chocolate T-bars. LEX will, but his tooth won’t like it.

CLOE asks DEE some personal questions.

PRIDE talks to MOUSE about releasing her new friend back to the wild. Only if PRIDE goes with her.

RAM goes ballistic at JAY for releasing the T-bars.

PRIDE decides to gather medicinal herbs for LEX’s sore tooth. SALENE will join him.

LEX keeps some of the t-bar boxes for his own purposes.

MOUSE is hurt that PRIDE is going out to the country without her.

LEX and SIVA share another brief encounter in their secret love shack, while JAVA works out at the hotel.

PRIDE and SALENE flirt in the flora. But they get snapped.

RAM demands to see JAVA and SIVA… but SIVA can’t be found. Later SIVA says she was working out in the hotel gym. But JAVA knows she wasn’t.

PRIDE, and MOUSE administer the herbal remedy for LEX’s tooth.

JAY blasts VED for fraternising with CLOE. But it seems CLOE quite likes VED’s attention.