Tribe 4 Episode 14

RAM has a pain in the neck. SIVA has a migraine  apparently.

VED and his Techno programmers are busy working on RAM’s software. VED has out done himself.

Has the passion between PRIDE and SALENE disappeared?

SIVA sneaks out of the hotel and dons virt clothing

RAM rewards VED with some free time for work well done. Meanwhile RAM checks out the new program for himself.

DEE can’t find LEX when she needs him, so EBONY joins her at the markets to address the food shortages.

LEX and SIVA rendezvous. LEX shows her his private pad.

The hungry city kids are getting violent. EBONY gets a message in the face.

VED uses his free time to ask CLOE to come to the beach with him. He reveals that JAY arranged for ELLIE to be sent where JACK is. Maybe Technos aren’t so bad?

SALENE and PRIDE address their friendship. CLOE spies them and gets the wrong idea.

Over nibbles in bed SIVA lets LEX in on a bit of RAM’s history. LEX develops a sore tooth.

CLOE finds VED on the beach with a Techno toy.

EBONY demands food from the Technos. But JAY is unwilling to get involved. JAVA tells of VED’s excursion and unauthorised taking of a Techno vehicle.

VED likes CLOE’s eyes. They share a tender kiss. VED wants more.

PRIDE tells CLOE off for meeting with creepy VED. He can talk!

RAM is overwhelmed with VED’s program and invites JAVA and SIVA on a test run. Surfs up!