Tribe 4 Episode 13

VED and the Technos raid the Mall for a computer.

The intruder admits to planting the bomb in the hotel. The Technos discover the computer is owned by JACK.

LEX has no sympathy for the intruder.

JAY makes a deal so he can get more information about EBONY’s potted past and her rise to power.
EBONY learns that RAM used her as bait to trap the intruder. She’s better alive to him, than deleted.

The bodyguard sisters strike a deal with EBONY. They stay out of her way, and she’ll stay out of theirs.

An uptight SALENE gathers a meagre meal to take to the intruder. CLOE will have to look after CHARLIE and MOUSE.

ELLIE writes JACK a letter in case she never sees him again.

Armed with a ‘do not disturb sign’ LEX approaches SIVA to apologise for his harsh comments during the investigation. When VED comes sniffing SIVA saves the sheriff’s bacon a second time.

CLOE looses the two wild kids. They are off to get food.

SALENE pleads with JAY and EBONY to not harm her friend.

MOUSE and CHARLIE bob for apples with TAI SAN’s crystal.

RAM approves JAY’s request of alternative punishment for the intruder.

ELLIE prophesises that if the Technos give EBONY enough time she’ll destroy them all.

EBONY is given the task of deleting the intruder. Is RAM playing a nasty game?

CHARLIE and MOUSE say goodbye to a new friend. “Eat!”

EBONY seems to approve of LEX getting close to SIVA.

PRIDE and SALENE show their true colours.