Tribe 4 Episode 12

VED’s software finesse pleases RAM. He is also pleased that a virt is locked up for the bombing attempt.

LEX’s evidence on PRIDE does not convince EBONY. Especially since she received another threat the night before. She is sure it was JAVA.

ELLIE is furious that PRIDE is locked-up. No one has questioned her yet! She’d say he was at the mall that night. SALENE knows he wasn’t there.

EBONY discovers the Techno’s ‘dream’ room.

ELLIE remembers JACK. His whistle won’t bring him back.

RAM suggests that he perform a lie detector test on EBONY’s suspects.

PRIDE tells SALENE that he has been setting up a resistance movement with the tribal leaders to overthrow the Technos. That’s why he has been so secretive.

LEX is rescued by SIVA. DEE is not impressed.

SALENE pleads PRIDE’s innocence to EBONY. But she won’t release him yet… after all there’s no evidence that he didn’t do it.

To EBONY’s glee JAVA is first up on RAM’s lie detector.

PRIDE begins to feel like a caged animal. He wants out!

VED is next up on the lie detector.

JAVA accuses JAY of protecting her because he likes her so much. Does this faze the strong willed JAY?

ELLIE descends further in to her own thoughts.

JAVA doesn’t know who she can trust any more. Where has SIVA been spending all her time?

CLOE is concerned for PRIDE spending another night in the cage. SALENE admits she and PRIDE are just friends.

In the dead of night JAVA and SIVA stalk the hotel corridors. EBONY receives an unwelcomed visitor.