Tribe 4 Episode 11

ELLIE catches up with the news of the bomb. It must have been EBONY’s sisters!

Hunger is driving the city kids to violence. DEE has trouble keeping the peace while LEX plays detective.

The Technos plead innocence. Why would they want to blow-up themselves and their leader?
PRIDE has a secret alleyway meeting with tribal leaders.

Teddy boy VED has a score to settle with CLOE.

RAM wipes JAVA from the suspect list, and replaces her with LEX. But would LEX have the guts?
VED invades the mall to see CLOE. CLOE’s resistance in the face of threat impress VED. He asks her out on a ‘real’ date.

RAM allows LEX P.I. to question the Technos. SIVA is affected by LEX’s anger at the Techno’s behaviour.

CHARLIE and MOUSE tell ELLIE the story of where they are from. ELLIE seems to have lost her passion for writing.

PRIDE is angry that VED was able to enter the mall. They’ve taken over the hotel, he isn’t going to let them take over their home!

RAM’s menacing accusation shakes JAVA. Does he really think she planted the bomb?

PRIDE refuses to be questioned by LEX about the bomb.

LEX asks SALENE if PRIDE was in his room the night the bomb was planted. She’s a little too defensive about professing to not knowing.

CLOE admits that VED asked her out. ELLIE is appalled  he’s a Techno, no one should be friends with them.

DEE finds the hotel key in PRIDE’s room. LEX tails PRIDE. The evidence against PRIDE is mounting.

EBONY receives another threat  next time she won’t be so lucky.