Tribe 4 Episode 10

EBONY wakes not to the ticking bomb, but to the intrusion of guests checking themselves in to the hotel.

JAVA and SIVA spend their evening having fun at the casino playing poker with the virts. JAVA plays to win, and makes SIVA stay away from the Technos for the evening.

RAM has moved in to the hotel. Now he has the three sister set under one roof.

JAVA dreams of a real boyfriendŠ JAY. Who does SIVA dream of? VED arrives to take them to the hotel.

The bomb continues to tickŠ

RAM tells bodyguards off for not performing their duties. The bomb is discovered.

JAVA joins JAY in disarming the rudimentary bomb. RAM could have been deleted. The culprit must be found!

LEX reports of his triple EBONY sighting, while DEE announces the news of the bomb and the Technos new base.

DEE presents the ingredients for CLOE¹s revenge on VED.

PRIDE makes a decision about whether he will stay or go.

EBONY thanks JAY for saving her life. She has a good idea of who might have planted the bomb.
SOPHIE and MOUSE conspire to get two people married.

SIVA is concerned that JAVA could have planted the bomb.

>EBONY is given twenty-four hours to investigate bomber suspects. SIVA coolly pleads her innocence.
A sensationally dressed CLOE meets VED back at the casino. She buys him a drink that packs a punch.

SOPHIE and MOUSE collect a shirt of PRIDE¹s, and a hotel key falls out of it¹s pocket. They deliver the shirt to SALENE to mend in exchange for telling her their names.

EBONY appoints LEX to be in-charge of the investigation.