Tribe 4 Episode 9

Food shortages are making themselves felt in the city.

SALENE dishes up food gathered by PRIDE for the hungry rats. The WILD BOY asks for more. The wild kids speak?

EBONY’s new bodyguards ferry her through the hungry crowds outside the hotel.

JAY visits his wounded troops. The city kids are hungry… and getting vicious. RAM requests to see JAVA and SIVA.

The bodyguards decide to renege on their duties the next time somebody threatens EBONY’s life. That way they won’t need to do the deed themselves.LEX and DEE battle a greedy FOOD TRADER, and succeed in giving free food away to the hungry crowds… for now.

ELLIE promises SALENE that she will talk to someone in the Mall Rat family when she feels close to the edge.

CLOE broods about the incident with VED in the casino.

PRIDE and SALENE try to guess the two WILD KIDS names.

LEX arrives at the hotel just in time for a cat fight. Is he seeing triple? RAM stops the fight, and demands a tour of the property. He likes what he sees.

VED and his Techno troop are attacked by a group of hungry kids. But the Technos round them and PRIDE up.

JAVA tells JAY of the sisters history with EBONY and ZOOT. A Techno guard calls JAY away, there’s trouble.

VED is about to zap PRIDE when JAY and EBONY arrive. If EBONY calls her people off, then no one will get hurt.

PRIDE challenges sheriff LEX as to what law he’s upholding. Is it EBONY’s law, or the Technos law?
PRIDE feels useless in the battle against the invaders. He vows to SALENE that he will do something about it.

CLOE and DEE collaborate to get even with vain VED.

An intruder in the hotel sets a clock ticking…