Tribe 4 Episode 8

SALENE finds the food cupboard in the mall almost bare.

JAVA and SIVA plot their plan to attack EBONY.

DEE reports to EBONY about LEX’s unco-operative behaviour with the Technos. But EBONY’s mind seems to be elsewhere. Perhaps she is off on a date?

CLOE destroys the poem she wrote to PRIDE.

JAVA and SIVA, with VED in tow, tell JAY that RAM is resting. They are heading out.

SALENE transforms from Mother Hubbard to warrior princess when she attacks LEX. She won’t take his lip any more. She needs more food for the Mall Rats. Now!

JAY discovers RAM awake and as active as ever. What are JAVA and SIVA up to? JAY and RAM need to talk…

SALENE asks CLOE to deliver ELLIE some food. ELLIE needs company at the moment. But she doesn’t want it.

JAVA and SIVA drop VED off at the casino. They have another prior and private engagement elsewhere.

CLOE gives herself a make-over. Rebel without a cause. Despite concern from SALENE she goes out alone for a Œday’ on the town. SALENE isn’t her mother.

ELLIE disappears from her room. The WILD KIDS find her on the roof of the mall. ELLIE discovers they can speak.

VED isn’t impressed with the talent in the casino. He meets CLOE, and it seems that his attitude has changed. They drink and share a passionate kiss.

JAVA and SIVA make themselves known to EBONY. Is she seeing ghosts? They move in for the attack… but JAY intervenes. RAM wants to see them all.

CLOE experiences the repercussions of alcohol.

DEE lets LEX know of EBONY’s meeting with the Technos. What is she up to?

Congratulations on the new jobs JAVA and SIVA! EBONY wishes you luck.