Tribe 4 Episode 7

The city markets have started up again. LEX is up to his old tricks, making the traders give him free goods. Life goes on? Not according to ELLIE – there are too many close friends missing.

PRIDE and SALENE are concerned that EBONY always seems to come out the hero. Has she made a deal with the Technos?

EBONY won’t reveal her feelings for JAY – but DEE will!

JAVA and SIVA resolve to get rid of EBONY for good. But RAM wants to know more about EBONY.

The two wild kids still haven’t spoke. CLOE is confused as to where her letter to PRIDE went.

EBONY and JAY rendezvous to seal their deal. EBONY makes a passionate speech to the city asking them to cooperate with the Technos. Or everyone will be destroyed. The city agrees to cooperate.

SALENE tries to comfort a distraught ELLIE. But she would rather be left alone. She doesn’t want to jinx someone else.

EBONY appoints DEE as LEX’s new deputy. On their first patrol together LEX nearly gets stunned by two Techno troopers.

As the two wild kids run riot PRIDE discovers the note CLOE wrote, and her true feelings. He tells CLOE of his feelings.

ELLIE doesn’t have the energy to stop the wild kids causing havoc. She plummets further in to her sadness. SALENE vows to keep ELLIE safe.

SIVA stalks EBONY through the city. She gives EBONY a message.