Tribe 4 Episode 6

EBONY lets JAY know that he needs her to help keep the Œpeace’. JAY is amused.

JAVA seethes as she watches EBONY and JAY talking. If only she could hear what they are saying. LEX starts to rally the Mall Rats with talk of the raid.

DEE cannot get the memory of JAY leaving EBONY’s suite out of her mind. Is EBONY up to something?

SALENE assures ELLIE that if ALICE and JACK are still at the compound they will find them.

EBONY cuts a deal with JAY

A jealous CLOE refuses to look after the kids while SALENE and PRIDE are at the raid. But PRIDE charms her.

Lean, mean SALENE prepares to fight.

EBONY leads her posse to the Techno’s HQ. But they walk straight in to a trap. Fierce fighting breaks out. But no one is prepared for the booming sonic sound that pounds out of Techno speakers.

CLOE writes PRIDE a poem and leaves it in his room.

JAY threatens to harm EBONY, but EBONY takes it in her stride. The Mall Rats look on impressed, with some obviously flabbergasted.

ELLIE feels panic… this is her only chance to find JACK.

The wild kids back at the Mall happily play in PRIDE’s room. They find paper to make a dart.

After watching the battle take place on webcam RAM decides to set JAVA and SIVA the task of gathering information about EBONY.

Will they let RAM know just how easy this will be?