Tribe 4 Episode 5

EBONY arrives back at the Mall to accusations of getting rid of JACK. ELLIE is distraught.

PRIDE confronts EBONY – was this a way to cut a deal with the Technos? LEX intervenes, Technos don’t cut deals with anyoneŠ they have all the power.

At the Techno’s HQ, RAM inspects video footage of JACK. RAM points out that JAY should be looking for one more virt. VED knows who it is!

ELLIE blames herself for JACK’s capture. Why did she make him stay at the Mall? SALENE tells ELLIE not to give up hope. JACK may still be in the city.

The wild girl and boy wreck LEX’S shrine to TAI SAN. LEX is ballistic! He’ll teach those animals a lesson!

SALENE and PRIDE talk passionately about the future of the city and EBONY’s behaviour. CLOE walks in on them. Has she interrupted something private.

TRUDY wonders whether AMBER has become deluded in her quest to return to the eco-tribe.

JAY decides it’s time to pay EBONY a visit.

PRIDE explains to the wild pair that their actions were bad. He gives them the option to leave if they intend to carry on with such behaviour.

CLOE visits PRIDE in his bedroom.

JAY’s visit to EBONY in the middle of the night does not go unnoticed by DEE.

The Mall Rats call for EBONY to lead them to war against the TECHNO’s. Are they out of their minds? ELLIE says they must for JACKS sake.

AMBER, TRUDY, BRADY and BABY BRAY arrive to find the Eco-tribe camp empty.. Exhausted, and in shock, AMBER collapses.

As war looms, EBONY is torn between what is good for the Mall Rats, and what is good for her.