Tribe 4 Episode 4

Jay is furious with VED for losing his communicator control box. Thanks to DEE the communicator is now in the hands of EBONY and JACK.

PRIDE is far too concerned with the Techno’s to notice that CLOE is growing into a young woman. However LEX does notice.

SALENE plans a ceremony for the friends they have lost.

JAVA tries to coax personal information out of JAY. He’s such a mystery man which she finds alluring. JAY is hardly about to open up to JAVA.

AMBER, TRUDY and the babies take shelter for the night.

RAM lets JAY choose his brothers punishment.

SALENE is learning just how grown up CLOE thinks she is. Especially her cheeky mouth!

AMBER decides to return to her people – the Eco-Tribe.

JACK is ecstatic – has he discovered the Techno’s Achilles heel?

EBONY and JACK resolve to find the Techno’s beacon.

Meanwhile, RAM tracks the location of the missing communicator control box to the Mall. Bingo!!

CLOE is sick with jealousy as she observes PRIDE and SALENE playing happy families.

Before he departs on his mission JACK gives ELLIE his lucky whistle. She has lost ALICE, she doesn’t want to lose JACK too. They part with a passionate embrace.

JACK and EBONY find the beacon at the Techno’s perimeter.

SALENE starts the ceremony for the lost Mall Rats.

JACK starts to scale the fence of the Techno perimeter. EBONY watches and waits.