Tribe 4 Episode 18

EBONY pays LEX a visit in the middle of the night to administer the medication he needs.

PRIDE is studying to keep one step ahead of the Technos. He is scheming a retaliation against their plans.

RAM is pleased to hear that the plan is on schedule.

LEX makes a seemingly miraculous recovery.

VED becomes CLOE’s knight in Techno armour. He reminds her of their date, and they arrange a meeting point.

Nurse SALENE spots that nurse DEE could be a LEX fan. They discover the bottle of antibiotics on the floor, which explains his recoveryŠ but how did he get them?

RAM decides to play a new game of ‘who stole my antibiotics?’

PRIDE infiltrates the power station.

EBONY admits to stealing the medication from RAM’s medicine chest. But nothing can spoil RAM’s special day.

VED impresses CLOE with his virt style of clothes for their date. It looks like it could be a pleasant romantic evening.

PRIDE begins to sabotage the power station’s controls, but he is too late.

A crowd gathers to hear RAM’s special announcement to the city.

LEX is thankful for the medicine. He gives SIVA a crystal that belonged to TAI-SAN.

CLOE puts the brakes on VED’s advances.

RAM flicks the ‘on’ switch despite JAY’s pleads not to.

CLOE is impressed by the fireworks. VED says that he arranged them especially for herŠ as if.

PRIDE is in extreme danger.