Tribe 4 Episode 19

PRIDE and JAY lie underneath the power plant fence.

RAM rejoices in the city’s reaction to the ‘switch on’.

SIVA slips out of the Mall before the others return.

PRIDE rescues JAY.

SALENE and DEE, together with MOUSE and her new friend SAMMY, discover chaos in the Mall.

A singed PRIDE returns. Electricity has opened up a whole new can of worms. But the city kids love it.

EBONY helps injured JAY. She even offers him a bed for the night. He asks for a rain check.

MOUSE and SAMMY stock pile electrical appliances.

RAM spooks SIVA. Does he know what she has been up to?

CLOE is not happy about being ditched at the secret Techno location by VED the previous night. He reminds her to not tell anyone about it.

MOUSE and SAMMY’s collected appliances don’t seem to work in the socket – so they go to ask for help.

RAM invites SIVA to join him in cyber-reality-space. But RAM soon disappears and thunder clouds brew. SIVA is locked in.

CLOE pumps up the volume. She’s too busy to help MOUSE and SAMMY with their problem.

Fire sweeps through the workshop. Whoosh!

SIVA misses her appointment with LEX at the love shack.

EBONY gives a penny for JAY’s thoughts. JAVA lurks.

Nice guy PRIDE admits to SALENE that he rescued JAY.

JAVA and VED compare sibling rivalry stories.

DEE raises the fire alarm. Out of the smoke emerges a familiar figure.