Tribe 4 Episode 20

JAY visits EBONY’s suite. She fixes his bandages for a second time.

TRUDY reports that the Technos have abducted AMBER. CLOE knows where she might be being held.

EBONY and JAY can’t hold back their feelings for each other any longer. They kiss.

VED watches the delight that electricity gives the city kids.

LEX waits for SIVA at the hotel. She is dazed and upset from her cyber-reality experience.

JAY enters the Mall to thank PRIDE for saving his life. He also tells PRIDE that they can’t stop the Techno progress, so they shouldn’t even try to.

MOUSE and SAMMY find a tape recorder and decide to eavesdrop in on romantic conversations.

Covert CLOE asks VED what the Techno restricted area houses. He won’t let on, so she won’t lead him on.

SALENE tries to get PRIDE to reveal his true feelings for AMBER. They find the kids’ tape recorder.

EBONY is invited to join RAM in cyber-reality-space.

Debate rages between TRUDY and LEX as to the merits of helping the Technos and the Chosen.

EBONY and RAM play a game of zapping the virts in cyber-reality-space. EBONY spots face of an old foe.

MOUSE and SAMMY don’t like what they hear on the tape recorder. People who listen in on conversations never hear anything good about themselves.

JAVA snaps LEX and SIVA in a clinch in SIVA’s room.

SALENE, DEE, LEX, PRIDE and TRUDY carry out their plan to infiltrate the Techno’s restricted area. They discover a lab where young people are connected to computers. They find a dazed friend.