Tribe 4 Episode 21

AMBER and the lab victims are bought back to the mall.

RAM is furious that his ‘units’ have been taken.

SIVA waits for LEX at the love shack. She doesn’t know that she is being watched.

MOUSE and her friend SAMMY want to see AMBER the zombie.

AMBER behaves like she is still trapped in the game.

Chocolates are delivered to EBONY. A romantic present from a suitor?

JAY confronts RAM  he wants to know why he didn’t know of the lab’s existence. He loses his cool.

The Mall Rats discuss their options  should they trade the lab victims they rescued for their missing friends?

MOUSE and SAMMY find treasure hidden in the mall.

The Techno in charge of security at the lab gets their career shortened.

JAY considers his options.

LEX finds JAVA waiting for him in the love shack: “Stay away from my sister!”

MOUSE and SAMMY fool DEE so they can play the video treasure on TV.

RAM apologises to JAY for the secret lab. The hospital JAY wants will be built, but all in good time.

The sound from the horror movie MOUSE and SAMMY are watching stirs AMBER to action. She thinks she is still in the game. The kids get to see a zombie.

LEX hunts for SIVA, but finds EBONY. He lets slip that TRUDY and AMBER are back at the mall.
EBONY confronts her old rival.