Tribe 4 Episode 22

Will EBONY spill the beans that AMBER is back?

Will JAVA spill the beans on SIVA and LEX?

JAY works out where the lab must be. VED covers for RAM.

SIVA calls it off with LEX. RAM is far too dangerous.

SALENE is concerned about CLOE’s interest in VED and PRIDE’s interest in AMBER.

AMBER recounts her horrific experience of the game. She thinks she saw BRAY there. Or was it a dream?

RAM wants an answer to his marriage proposal.

EBONY confides to JAY that the Mall Rats were responsible for the raid on the restricted lab, and that AMBER was among the ‘virts’ taken.

SIVA informs JAVA that she and LEX are no more.

JAY and EBONY visit the lab. But VED pulls the wool over their eyes. The ‘virts’ hooked up to the machines are seen to be enjoying themselves.

MOUSE takes food to AMBER. SALENE voices her concern about AMBER’s baby.

JAY tells EBONY that VED is a computer genius.

VED and CLOE spend time on the beach.

LEX visits SIVA in the hotel. Their relationship isn’t over yet. But JAVA spots him leaving.

JAY comes to the Mall to visit AMBER. He needs information about the ‘game’.

VED sides more and more with RAM’s vision. JAVA reports that Techno computers have been stolen.

LEX finds computers stacked up in his love shack. Where did they come from? JAVA and Techno guards