Tribe 4 Episode 26

LEX trains in the virtual world for tomorrow’s fight. JAVA is his training opponent. He will get better, given time… but that’s one thing LEX doesn’t have.

CLOE wishes she hadn’t taken TRUDY’s advice.

Technos set up cyber cafes in the city. RAM wants the first broadcast to have an interactive element.

JAY confronts VED. Why didn’t he tell his big brother about the restricted lab?

LEX will fight in the virtual coliseum. RAM will be like Caesar, and the audience will vote on the fate of the loser.

CLOE discovers that she isn’t pregnant. DEE lends a shoulder.

MOUSE is still watching the TV signal. SALENE puts her to bed. PRIDE admires SALENE’s caring nature. They finally reveal their true feelings for one another.

DEE rounds on slimeball VED. How dare he hurt CLOE.

CityNet announces that LEX the gladiator will fight.

SIVA pleads for JAVA to go easy on LEX.

VED fails in his attempt to get back with CLOE. He nearly spies AMBER in the Mall.

Just as he is about to enter the game LEX learns that if he loses he won’t be coming back to the real world.

LEX battles a huge opponent in the virtual arena. The Mall Rats and the entire city have their eyes glued to their CityNet TV screens.

LEX wins… the warm-up match. JAVA is the real opponent. LEX’s fate seems to be left up to the voting public… but RAM has other plans.

Are the Technos invincible? AMBER hints at a plan to fight back.