Tribe 4 Episode 36

MOUSE and SAMMY are caught sneaking through SIVA’s things. They blast her with water till she cries.JAY brings a sick girl to the hospital.

RAM reminds VED that he wants the whole city scanned. EBONY starts sneezingŠ this time it’s a real cold.

MOUSE and SAMMY get scanned and VED asks them to look for CLOE in the Game.

JAVA reveals to JAY a bit of RAM’s plan: something about pharaohs and pyramids. She asks him to supper in her room. JAY accepts.

LEX gives SIVA an ultimatum: leave the Mall without him, or stay and be useful.

More medical supplies arrive at the hospital. The sick girl reminds JAY of a close friend that died.

The kids enter the Game. MOUSE and SAMMY get allocated to the Red team. SAMMY zaps MOUSE.

‘Virts’are to be the labour for RAM’s future plans.

JAY reveals to PATCH the reason why his girlfriend died. JAY is late for his supper with JAVA.

SIVA makes dinner for the Mall Rats.

MOUSE is angry that SAMMY zapped her in the Game. They fight at the dinner table. SALENE learns of their time in the Game and that CLOE seems to still be playing.

JAVA, angry at the thought that JAY stood her up, reveals that RAM is plotting to get rid of him.

MAY turns up at the Mall, looking ready to faint.

VED challenges RAM to a reality-space duel.

The sick girl gets better. JAY is relieved.

MOUSE finds SIVA’s zapper and gets an idea: revenge. She starts to hunt SAMMY.