Tribe 4 Episode 35

PRIDE attempts to fly off the roof of the Mall. JAY quickly brings him crashing back to earth.

RAM wants everyone in the city to be scanned in to play the Game. CLOE volunteers to be the first to play.

PRIDE thanks JAY for saving his life.

SIVA hates being alone in the barn on the farm. She pleads for LEX to take her to live in the Mall.

MOUSE and SAMMY are asked to keep an eye on PRIDE.
CLOE enters the Game.

SALENE, JAY and DEE arrive to set up the old hospital. JAVA brings a limited amount of Techno medical supplies. JAY isn’t happy.

LEX bravely brings SIVA to the Mall.

MAY comes out of the Game begging to go back in. Her testimony makes the city kids want to play.

RAM considers giving EBONY some Techno responsibilities. The two Techno brothers are getting to be a pain.

MOUSE admires SIVA’s clothes. SIVA’s threats lead to MOUSE and SAMMY becoming her servants.

JAY wants to know what failed between EBONY and him.

SALENE discovers MOUSE and SAMMY doing SIVA’s laundry. SALENE tells SIVA the rules for living in the Mall.

JAY joins JAVA for a drink in the casino. He tries to get information about RAM’s new plan. She tries to seduce him.

VED’s patience with RAM breaks, but RAM has the last word. VED needs RAM.

LEX and PRIDE share reality-space stories.

VED watches MAY win the Game in reality-space. But what’s happened to CLOE?