Tribe 4 Episode 34

VED wakes PRIDE from his reality-space induced slumber.

LEX knows of the perfect place where SIVA can hide from RAM.

DEE is forced to read out Techno propaganda about the Game on her CityNet public information broadcast.

JAY wants to know that the wedding was a sham. EBONY doesn’t budge.

PRIDE is returned to the Mall. But he is not the same. He admits that he loved his reality-space experience. He now believes that CityNet is a key which can open up a door to another world.

SIVA is not impressed with the ‘safe house’ accommodation LEX has arranged for her.

MOUSE and SAMMY resolve to get scanned.

LEX asks EBONY for a favour: help set SIVA free from her obligations to RAM.

JAY diagnoses PRIDE’s behaviour as reality-space sickness. But PRIDE is strong, he will break the spell.

EBONY convinces RAM to allow SIVA to remain free – she would have been contaminated by virts by now. LEX is in debt to EBONY.

PRIDE has violent nightmares.

VED tells JAY he’s all washed up. Phase Four, the Game, is in operation and there’s no way JAY can stop it.

DEE tries to halt the scanning centre opening, but VED turns his zapper on her.

JAY is surprised when RAM tells him that medicines for the new hospital will be arriving.

A city kid tries to warn other city kids of the dangers of scanning.

PRIDE is missing from the Mall. He believes he can fly.