Tribe 4 Episode 33

LEX doesn’t turn up for a meeting with SALENE.

RAM asks JAY to be his best man. JAY is gob-smacked.

SALENE recruits DEE and PATCH to run the public news broadcasts on CityNet.

CLOE is excited by the installation of head-sets in the cyber café. She wants to try out reality-space again.

PRIDE worries about the power the Technos hold over them. Is the whole city crossing over to the dark side?

PATCH lends a friendly ear to DEE.

RAM announces on CityNet: he is to marry EBONY.

LEX asks his pal DEE to get a message to SIVA. But SIVA doesn’t respond. LEX spends the night alone.

JAY tries to stop EBONY from marrying RAM. She doesn’t tell him the real reason for her decision. JAY concludes that she’d always go for power over love.

The wedding day arrives. SALENE, as city leader, is required by RAM to officiate the marriage ceremony. PRIDE, disgusted, storms out of the mall.

The reality-space wedding gets underway. RAM makes EBONY wear a white bridal gown. RAM kisses his bride.

PRIDE witnesses a fight in the city. When he tries to break it up the attackers turn on him. Some of the city kids seem to like what the Technos have done for the city and they don’t appreciate anyone bad mouthing them.

SALENE sees PRIDE in the stocks on the Techno monitors. RAM rescues him from the stocksŠ he has another punishment for him.

SIVA flees the hotel after the wedding. She tells LEX that she doesn’t want to be a Techno anymore.

RAM puts PRIDE in the black room. He will experience reality-space as a bird. PRIDE loves it.