Tribe 4 Episode 32

The city kids rejoice in RAM’s gift to the city: water.

JAY is concerned that RAM might know about his relationship with EBONY. But EBONY, still fooled by the romantic scene on the DVD, cuts JAY out of her life.

The nominations for city leader are announced on CityNet. SALENE is among them. The public vote her in! Or has RAM rigged it in her favour? SALENE is excited by the appointment. PRIDE doesn’t share her excitement.

RAM meets the new city leader. Surprisingly SALENE is not what he expected. She makes her demands clearly heard: the city needs a school, a hospital and a public news service.

EBONY gleams some advice about men from SIVA. SIVA vows that she can’t forgive LEX for cheating. Or can she?

SALENE sets up her city leader office in the mall. PRIDE doesn’t believe RAM’s promises. But what if RAM can provide her wish list?

RAM’s grand plan: the virts need to think they’re winning. JAVA chose SALENE well.

SALENE removes LEX from the post of Sheriff, and gives the job to DEE. LEX will be deputy. LEX isn’t happy.

SIVA and Techno guards capture three city kids from the casino, accusing them of being the Œsaboteurs’ who turned the power off.

SIVA spots LEX at the bar. LEX is at rock-bottom, or so he thinks. SIVA still falls for him despite herself.

EBONY considers her romantic history. She then overhears JAY talking to PRIDE about AMBER.

RAM puts the three Œsaboteurs’ in reality-space stocks. CLOE, MOUSE and SAMMY think it’s a great game.

PATCH makes a popsicle for DEE.

EBONY accepts RAM’s proposal. She will be his third wife.