Tribe 4 Episode 31

The power is off. The city kids are angry.

RAM blames the city activists. JAY wants answers.

The city kids get violent. DEE gets injured by a flying rock. JAY, with his zapper, regains the peace. EBONY is grateful for JAY’s rescue from the riots.

JAVA is impressed by RAM’s genius.

LEX gets the cold shoulder from CLOE, MOUSE and SAMMY.

PATCH offers some medical advice to DEE. He tries to be helpful, but DEE needs silent rest.

RAM removes EBONY from the post of City Leader. EBONY was about to resign anyway. RAM still wants to marry her.

CLOE helps VED hand out Techno propaganda.

RAM suffers from coughing fits. He announces on CityNet that EBONY is no longer City Leader. He asks for nominations from the city. SALENE seems interested.

CLOE has zapper target practice with VED.

PATCH is about to ask DEE something importantŠ but LEX captures DEE’s attention.

JAVA tells RAM that EBONY is at her most insecure when it comes to the men in her life. This reminds RAM of a conversation he had with EBONY. She mentioned that she hates AMBER. RAM has an idea.

RAM places virtual JAY and AMBER in a reality-space beach. He saves it to a DVD and shows the scene to EBONY. She is fooled by his trickery. Her heart sinks.

SALENE decides to run for City Leader. PRIDE will support her.

LEX wants to fight again. JAVA says they don’t take losers.

RAM announces his new gift to the city: running water.