Tribe 4 Episode 30

PRIDE, SALENE and MOUSE put up anti-Techno posters in the city… but they are soon replaced with pro-Techno posters.

LEX pleads for forgiveness from SIVA.

JAVA spies EBONY and JAY canoodling in the bushes.

The Techno propaganda machine is in full swing. A TECHNO GIRL is being dressed up as a Mosquito to discredit the people who captured the experiment kids. Her ‘story’ is broadcast over CityNet. DEE isn’t fooled by this fake Mozzie.

VED spots CLOE on a monitor as she enters the hotel.

JAY has a plan. Can PATCH use a virus to crash CityNet?

CLOE gets to experience reality-space. She likes it.

JAY makes a copy of RAM’s virus scanner for PATCH. While in the hotel he discovers CLOE experiencing the delights of reality-space. CLOE asks him not to tell the Mall Rats.

RAM finally discovers the real reason why EBONY won’t marry him… EBONY loves JAY.

CLOE tells MOUSE all about her reality-space experience. MOUSE is impressed. SAMMY rushes in to tell them that the next fight is about to start on CityNet.

LEX is to fight in a reality-space boxing ring. His opponent is SIVA. Kick box revenge time! She wins.

RAM is furious. LEX is meant to be the champion. LEX is banished from the hotel. SIVA has some explaining to do.

JAVA pays KANDY off for a job well done.

PATCH manages to put a virus in to CityNet. But RAM is still able to make one last broadcast. In it he blames city-wide disruption on the ‘activists’.

The city’s power supply is switched off.