Tribe 4 Episode 29

JAY tries to cover up the Mall Rat involvement in the rebel broadcast. Isn’t AMBER from the EcoTribe?

LEX believed that AMBER was praising the Technos. Who else in the city might have believed the virtual AMBER?

VED discovers that the rebels used his code to break in to their system. CLOE must have acquired it. But how?

JAY stops EBONY from making a quick getaway. He promises her that they will be together. They kiss.

DEE and PATCH produce anti-Techno posters. DEE invites PATCH to join the Mall Rats. PRIDE puts up a poster for them all to admire. Looks good! PRIDE will distribute all the posters and copies of the video footage.

EBONY refuses RAM’s proposal while they are walking in reality-space. RAM banishes her from the programme.

SAMMY has become very withdrawn since seeing the lab room. He won’t talk.

LEX mingles with fans in the Casino. He becomes friendly with KANDY.

JAVA storms the Mall. Where is AMBER and the rebels? MOUSE doesn’t give the game away. But SAMMY, in his disturbed state, stares at the anti-Techno poster PRIDE put up on the wall.


VED gets harassed by tough city kids who didn’t believe the virtual AMBER broadcast. CLOE denies any knowledge of a Techno code.

EBONY attempts to delete RAM in reality-space.

The tough city kids jump VED and capture his zapper.

JAVA sends SIVA to find LEX. He’s not at the Casino.

EBONY and JAY come to the Mall to escape the raging RAM. EBONY, JAY and the Mall Rats are going to work together to get RAM out of town.

SIVA finds LEX and KANDY in bed together.