Tribe 4 Episode 28

SAMMY gets footage of the experiments.

AMBER asks PRIDE to seek help from a contact he knows.

LEX mingles with fans in the Casino. SIVA turns up.

SAMMY is disturbed by what he saw in the Techno lab room at the hotel. He stays the night in the Mall.

AMBER is horrified by the video footage. They need to put a message out to the whole city. PRIDE¹s contact, PATCH, is welcomed to the rebellion.

RAM demands changes to the next planned broadcast. Boy genius VED is missing. JAY wants to know when medicines and schools RAM promised him would be provided.

PATCH hacks in to the Techno system.

EBONY is sent to calm JAY¹s fury. That night EBONY gets a visitor.

LEX gets fan mail. And a new superstar look.

AMBER and PATCH rehearse their rebel broadcast.

CLOE visits VED. He is injured from his fight with LEX. Does she still have strong feelings for him?

LEX¹s interview is broadcast throughout the city.

Meanwhile the rebels have set up their broadcast base in the outskirts of the city. They hack in to the Techno broadcast and AMBER is beamed on to every CityNet screen. She attempts to tell the truth about the Technos secret experiments on Œvirts¹.

RAM recognises AMBER as a virt from an earlier game in reality-space. He has her image on file. He manipulates his image of AMBER, bounces back the rebels broadcast to their location, and makes his virtual AMBER say what he wants her to say.

JAVA, Techno guards and a reluctant JAY raid the rebel locationŠ but they have all gone. JAVA seizes the copy of SAMMY¹s footage and returns with the guards to the hotel. JAY remains. PRIDE gives JAY a message from AMBER and a copy of the evidence.

Will JAY do the right thing?