Tribe 4 Episode 38

RAM says the best things in life won’t always be free. ‘Virts’ will have to earn credits to continue playing the Game. He needs electricity on a massive scale.

PRIDE is late to bed, and early to rise. SALENE worries.

LEX complains that there are no scams to run – the city is too busy with reality-space.

JAY tries to persuade VED to leave RAM, especially after he beat him in the fight. VED considers.

The sick girl, GINNY, is up and about. She is grateful for everything JAY did for her.

PRIDE is attacked by a group of ‘blue’ players demanding to know what colour PRIDE plays for in the Game. There are colour turf wars happening all over the city.

RAM decides JAY will sell the new deal to the virts.

VED wants an apology from RAM.

MOUSE and SAMMY run out of credits. They go to the scanning centre to get some more and are put to work shovelling coal to earn them.

PRIDE runs out of credits mid-game.

VED informs JAY and the Mall Rats that 30% of the city aren’t scanned to play the Game.

PRIDE explains his mysterious disappearances to SALENE.

SIVA gives MOUSE skin care tips.

VED meets with RAM with the intention of resigning but at the last minute changes his mind.

LEX plots a scheme when he learns of ‘no pay, no play.’

JAY makes his resignation from the Technos official. He bolts for the door as RAM’s starts sneezing.

VED lets JAY go free.