Tribe 4 Episode 39

MOUSE hates shovelling coal. And she hates SAMMY calling her a cry baby.

SALENE is concerned that MOUSE is missing. PRIDE says he’ll search for her.

DEE gives LEX administration tasks. PATCH makes pancakes. JAY considers leaving the city for good.

PRIDE doesn’t search for MOUSE. He’s playing the Game – but he runs out of credits.

LEX trades vintage champagne for Game codes with a Techno. PRIDE spies LEX’s shady deal and confiscates the codes. He says he’ll destroy them.

Sheriff DEE gets caught in the middle of a war between Blue and Red team city kids.

PRIDE uses the codes to continue playing the Game.

MOUSE and SAMMY get ambushed on their way back to the Mall. Their hard earned codes are taken by Blue bullies.


LEX gets suspicious of JAY and SIVA’s quiet chats.

VED demonstrates the marvels of Techno technology to EBONY. He can manipulate images of people together in reality-space. EBONY’S heart sinks.

PATCH and SIVA make a cake.

MOUSE lies to SALENE about where she has been all day.

GINNY offers to help out at the hospital, but then the hospital is ransacked.

EBONY finds the ‘fantasy’ DVD RAM showed her.

JAVA has a new friend.

JAY considers himself a liability – he must leave the Mall. SIVA gives him the cake for his journey.

EBONY stops JAY before he can leave. He needs to see the DVD. And he needs to know that she loves him.