Tribe 4 Episode 40

MAY is back living with the Mall Rats.

EBONY shows JAY the fake ‘fantasy’ DVD. JAY and EBONY make up. EBONY makes it clear they have a score to settle with RAM.

RAM is seriously ill. He shows JAVA the pills he needs.

Salvageable items are rescued from the ransacked hospital. A hospital area will be set up in the Mall.

JAVA learns that PATCH has an interest in things medical. DEE asks for more medical supplies, as PATCH tries to be the muscle. JAVA flatly refuses.

PRIDE wants to play the Game, but he has no credits.

JAVA won’t let EBONY see RAM, but she learns that medical supplies are being delivered to the hotel. Perhaps RAM is ill? In her haste JAVA loses RAM’s correct medication.

Injured city kids make their way to the new hospital in the Mall. SALENE takes note that most of them aren’t wearing any colours  they must be unscanned, and therefore not playing the game.

MAY says she’s fine, but she’s still hooked on the game. PATCH is missing.

Can the Mall Rats trust EBONY’s advice? If the medicine truck appears, then they’ll go ahead with an ambush.

SALENE gathers unscanned kids from the hospital area to help with the heist. GINNY offers to help.
DEE gets a message telling her which route the delivery truck is using. DEE alters her broadcast on CityNet to include a coded message of the truck’s location.

PRIDE makes a dash for the truck before the rest of the ambush team are ready. His violence shocks SALENE.

LEX confronts PRIDE about his addiction to reality-space. PRIDE threatens LEX.

PATCH has been captured by the Technos. JAVA wants him to use his medical skills to rescue RAM.