Tribe 4 Episode 41

RAM doesn’t respond to JAVA’s pleas. PATCH must help.

The Mall Rats hide the medicine in the Mall. A ‘colour’ fight breaks out, which MAY joins. A RED kid is saved.

JAVA informs the Technos that RAM is in ‘private time’ working on a major new project. But VED, sensing something is wrong, wants to see RAM for himself. EBONY reminds JAVA that RAM’s broadcast is due today.

SIVA is on a laundry mission when SALENE and PRIDE ask if she would consider training the unscanned volunteers so they can protect themselves and the Mall. SIVA thought she had turned her back on that part of her life. PRIDE pressures her, and SIVA refuses.

PATCH procrastinates on finding a cure for RAM.

SIVA wants LEX to tell SALENE of PRIDE’s secret Game addiction. Meanwhile, PRIDE blasts MOUSE for working at the power station to earn credits for the Game. He demands that she hand over her hard earned credits.

EBONY and MEGA, a Techno Commander, trade suspicions. JAVA rejects the rumours of RAM’s death. But is he available to do his normal broadcast on CityNet? VED meets the unconscious RAM.

LEX disappoints SIVA. He hasn’t told SALENE about PRIDE yet because he didn’t think he should get involved.

MOUSE has hidden credits. She logs on to play, and discovers PRIDE and MAY playing the Game.

Just as LEX is about to tell SALENE the hard truth, MOUSE rushes in to tell them what she saw.

PRIDE is caught. SALENE smashes the headset and computer to smithereens.

A VIRTUAL RAM makes an appearance on CityNetŠ will he fool everyone? It doesn’t fool EBONY. But whether it is the real RAM or not, she has to return to the hotel.

VED has a plan to save RAM – in reality-space.