Tribe 4 Episode 42

PRIDE is reassured by SALENE. She still loves him. PRIDE apologies to the Mall Rats for his recent behaviour. He asks that all headsets be removed from the Mall.

VED finds RAM resting in a reality-space forest. But RAM thinks VED is a bug in his computer programme.

SIVA lends a rapt MOUSE some diamond earrings to wear.

DEE continues to worry about missing PATCH. The RED city kid returns to the Mall, now with more injuries from the Game. DEE refuses to help him again.

EBONY discovers that PATCH is being kept locked up in the hotel. EBONY pays him a visit. She gets information.

SALENE admires MOUSE’s earrings. She tells MOUSE that she has a pair that are similar – they belonged to her grandmother.

VED finds a way to RAM’s reality-space refuge.

SIVA’s household skills backfire again. She accidentally shrinks LEX’s clothes. She quits domestic life and decides to train the unscanned city kids to fight.

VED finds RAM relaxing in a reality-space version of his pre-virus childhood home. RAM wants to live in this reality-space for eternity. He also wants his friends EBONY, JAVA and VED to join him there, while the virts run the power station to keep RAM’s dream alive.

SALENE’s earrings are missing. She accuses MOUSE of stealing them.

EBONY reports her findings back to the Mall Rats – it is time for action. But JAY disagrees. He wants to approach the hotel for a take-over alone. EBONY is distraught. She couldn’t bear to loose JAY.

JAY persuades a gathering of Technos to believe him.

PRIDE is missing. The cad exchanges SALENE’s pair of antique earrings for MAY’s game credits.

JAY confronts JAVA. He thinks RAM’s reign is over…