Tribe 4 Episode 43 – 200th Episode!!

JAY is captured, but PATCH escapes.

DEE spies SIVA near the medical supplies. Later, GINNY reports that medical supplies have gone missing.

SIVA leads the unscanned city kids through their paces, training them up to fight the Technos.

SALENE questions SIVA about the missing medical supplies. SIVA takes this as an accusation.

PATCH makes it back to the Mall to report on JAY’s capture. EBONY heads to the hotel.

PRIDE denies taking the medical supplies.

EBONY feigns sympathy for RAM. He instructs her to carry out the interrogation of JAY, much to JAVA’s disgust.

War council in the Mall: the Mall Rats need to decide if they stay or go. LEX suspects EBONY of defecting.

EBONY is in serious interrogation mode. But this is all an act for RAM’s security camera. The acting works, and RAM believes that EBONY has not betrayed him.

A free hunt-and-zap game is announced on CityNet.

VED worries for the fate of his brother.

LEX, aware of PRIDE’s weakness for reality-space, accuses him of stealing the medical supplies.

RAM unleashes a VIRTUAL JAY in to reality-space. He is the target the players must hunt down.

PRIDE enters the casino. He wants to play the game. MAY wants to play too – but her target is PRIDE.

MOUSE alerts DEE and PATCH that JAY is in the game.

Much to the real JAY’s surprise, RAM decides to let him go free.

PRIDE zaps the VIRTUAL JAY in the Game. He wins.

RAM reveals to EBONY and JAVA that he released JAY to the city so that the hunt-and-zap game could happen for realŠ in their very own city, not reality-space.