Tribe 4 Episode 44

PATCH senses something familiar about the man in the hood who won the Game, but SALENE doesn’t, or can’t, agree.

LEX is adamant that JAY will be safe. The city kids won’t chase him for real. Little does he know…

JAY is hotly pursued by city kids through the streets. RAM is frustrated that he can’t watch the hunt as easily as he can in reality-space.

SIVA preps her militia to find JAY. Coloured city kids descend on the Mall grill: they want JAY! DEE and PATCH decide to guard the Mall, with MOUSE and SAMMY, while the rest join the mission to find JAY.

GINNY rescues JAY from the chase. She makes JAY rest.

SALENE finds the missing medicine… in PRIDE’s pocket.

SIVA finds PRIDE roaming the streets. He makes her feel uneasy.

VED is also looking for JAY and bumps into SIVA. He tells her he can’t abandon his brother – but this doesn’t mean he’s leaving the Technos.

GINNY betrays JAY. She wants to win the Game.

MOUSE thinks DEE should tell PATCH that she’s in love with him. Meanwhile, PATCH gives SAMMY girl advice, but really he’s after some himself.

Colours invade the Mall.

JAY is relieved to find PRIDE. But PRIDE isn’t friendly.

BONY leaves RAM ranting at the computer screens.

DEE and PATCH send MOUSE and SAMMY to get help, while they defend the Mall from the colours.

PRIDE saves SALENE and LEX from violent colours. He says JAY is safe. PRIDE and LEX start a fight between the colour gangs, including MAY.

MOUSE and SAMMY tell SALENE and PRIDE about the invasion of the Mall. PRIDE says he will get JAY to safety. Can SALENE believe him?

EBONY finds JAY. She kisses him right in front of a webcam. RAM is not impressed.