Tribe 4 Episode 45

The warring colours can’t find JAY, and they are angry.

PRIDE discovers EBONY and JAY in view of the webcam.

RAM’s rage at JAY and EBONY’s passion turns to silence. He retreats into himself. JAVA vows to find JAY.

TECHNO loudspeakers announce that the Game has been called off. Meanwhile SALENE, LEX, MOUSE and SAMMY have returned to the quiet Mall. They walk in to a trap.

PRIDE, EBONY and JAY navigate underground passageways. EBONY reassures JAY – there is no where else she would rather be. PRIDE and JAY settle all debts.

SIVA rescues the trapped Mall Rats and brings back an injured MAY.

RAM demands to be left alone. He retreats to reality-space, where he meets a VIRTUAL EBONY.

DEE tries to work out if PATCH’s romantic outburst was the real thing. PATCH is still awkward around DEE.

JAVA suspects VED of being pleased that JAY got away.

LEX is pleased to have his warrior woman SIVA back. PRIDE returns, yet again, apologise to the Mall Rats for his behaviour. But suddenly they’re all tired.

VIRTUAL EBONY is not perfect. RAM laments that nothing is perfect. He rages at VIRTUAL EBONY till she breaks.

VED says the Game is driving the city kids to violence. He will create another Game to calm the masses.

SIVA, LEX and SALENE discuss tactics to destroy the Game machines. PRIDE disagrees, saying all it will do is drive the Game underground. SALENE shuts PRIDE out.

PRIDE collects his life time game pass, and approaches a woman in the Casino.

SAMMY wants to play again, but not MOUSE. MOUSE gives a picture to SALENE as PRIDE delivers his own present for SALENE. Perhaps PRIDE really is sorry?