Tribe 4 Episode 46

TECHNO vehicles enforce the curfew. MOUSE paints flowers on a wall.

Medicine supplies are low. LEX reminds everyone why: PRIDE stole them. MOUSE is missing.

JAVA wants the search for JAY and EBONY cast wider. RAM returns to command.

JAY and EBONY need to find shelter. EBONY takes JAY to the old farm.

PRIDE finds MOUSE, just as the curfew starts. They hide from a TECHNO patrol. MOUSE wants to learn to read.

MEGA is working on VED’s programme. JAVA, then RAM test his loyalty. He panders to RAM’s megalomania and convinces him that the new game is RAM’s creation.

JAY and EBONY discuss leaving the city for good.

RAM finds an item of EBONY’s clothing. He has an idea.

DEE and PATCH keep their distance, just as PRIDE keeps his distance from MAY, and SALENE keeps her distance from PRIDE.

RAM lets slip the dogs of war. EBONY and JAY run for their lives.

SIVA agrees to help MOUSE learn to read.

MEGA tells JAVA the rumours of RAM’s grand plan…

SALENE couldn’t get medical supplies from the hotel: they weren’t letting anyone in.

JAVA confronts RAM about his grand plan. She doesn’t want to loose him.

JAY and EBONY swap clothes with scarecrows to shake off their scent from the tracker dogs. It works and they shelter for the night. They wake to hear noises outside.

Have the TECHNOS found them?