Tribe 4 Episode 47

The ECOS surround JAY and EBONY. TRUDY and AMBER take them back to the ECO camp.

RAM asks JAVA for a search update and can’t wait to get to reality space paradise. He asks JAVA to join him.

DEE brings PATCH a drink and awkward conversation.

JAY and EBONY arrive at the ECO camp. Trudy is greeted by BRADY and AMBER introduces little BRAY to EBONY.

MOUSE is trying to read but SAMMY is bored. He storms off to play the Game. MOUSE is torn, does she tell?

AMBER takes JAY and EBONY to her home. JAY and AMBER share a smile, EBONY is jealous – what did that mean?

RAM’s working on the Paradise software. JAVA tells him that VED can’t be found  RAM doesn’t seem surprised.

PRIDE and MAY meet. They need to talk. MOUSE confides in SIVA about SAMMY. SIVA suggests they go tell SALENE.

AMBER and JAY discuss EBONY and brotherly relationships.

RAM’s finished the software – all can have a customised reality-space paradise. Now he can ‘live’ forever.

PATCH asks LEX advice on women and relationships. LEX tells him to do exactly what he says.

JAVA tries a Paradise fashion show. More, more she says.

PRIDE catches SAMMY heading for the scanning centre. SALENE asks May had she seen PRIDE? MAY lies.

RAM rants at MEGA. JAY and EBONY have got away again. JAVA asks about VED, and RAM implies he’s in the network

PATCH tries LEX’s advice on DEE and fails.

ECOs retrieve JAY and EBONY’s clothes. TECHNOs arrive.

AMBER and EBONY talk about JAY, and call a truce.

PRIDE and SALENE argue and break up.