Tribe 4 Episode 48

TRUDY cautions AMBER about EBONY – “A leopard never changes its spots”…

SALENE is feeling like a new woman. MAY is no longer suspicious over SALENE and PRIDE.

SAMMY wants to holiday in Paradise. Is he destined to follow PRIDE and MAY into reality-space compulsion?

JAVA has a plan for SALENE. But will SALENE be held over the barrel for long?

EBONY and TRUDY have a meeting of the minds.

The TECHNOS’ search for JAY and EBONY is not waning. AMBER assures JAY and EBONY that there will always be a place for them with the ECOS.

EBONY is determined that she and JAY will get as far away as possible to start a new life.

PRIDE reassures MAY. She has come to the end of her lurid time with the TECHNOS. MAY’s just happy that she and PRIDE are together again.

Which MALL RATS are enticed into the ‘ultimate fantasy’?

PATCH decides to go it alone after LEX’S love tips fail to woo DEE’s affections.

JAY’s conscience eats away at him. Should he return to the city to rescue VED from RAM’s manipulating ways?

RAM is frustrated that the city has no enthusiasm for his paradise programme.

LEX is up to his old tricks, hawking off Paradise fantasies, and this time JAVA is in on his conspiracies.

SALENE and MAY ‘chat’ about PRIDE. MAY assures SALENE that she is no longer dubious about SALENE’s affections towards PRIDE.

EBONY cannot believe JAY’s decision, and AMBER decides to go with them back to the city – you know what they say EBONY, two’s company, three’s a crowd.